Why Should You Get The Planetary Mixer For Bakery?

Having a bakery is not easy, and particularly with all the labor that goes in with the preparation, it sometimes becomes quite taxing. To make sure that you do not have to face this problem daily, the best thing that we have got forth is none other than the planetary mixer for bakery. The best thing about this mixer is that it differs from the regular ones that many use daily. You only need to contact us at GeeGee Foods, and we will curate the best mixer for your bakery and even deliver the same. 

Increasing the convenience of your bakery is very important, and we try to ensure that you can do it with small help from our side. The planetary mixer for bakery is one such innovation. The best thing about this bakery is that one instrument can satisfy many needs. If you are someone who does not have much technological knowledge, then you can use the mixer very easily. Some features make this bakery stand out, which is what we will help you understand!

Best Features of the Planetary Mixer For Bakery

As we have already discussed, the planetary mixer for bakery is one of our most coveted products; hence, it has been well-equipped with many amazing features. Some of them are:

  • Three Different Speeds

Can you believe the same mixer can be used at three different speeds? If you are wondering how it works, you are in the right spot. The slowest speed will ensure that it can knead the dough very well. The kneading comes to aid when you want to bake puff pastries or tarts. The next is the medium speed, which mixes the dough. This includes milk, sugar, eggs, oil, and much more for the base of the cake or pastry.

And finally, there is high speed. The high speed is used to beat things together and make them fluffy. Conveniently you can use the speed to beat eggs and whip cream together.

  • Three Sizes

The next important feature of the planetary mixer for bakery is that it comes in three sizes as well. The first size has a kneading capacity of up to 10 kg, the second has a kneading capacity of 15 kg, and the largest one can go up to 25 kg. Each of the three sizes is perfect depending on the scale of your bakery, and is quite convenient to use. 

  • Cost Effective

And finally, some people might wonder why you should depend on this Planetary mixer and that it is a big expenditure for your bakery. In this case, the most important thing you need to understand is that it is an investment to ensure a higher ROI. And this mixer can help you increase the production rate, which means you can make a good profit margin. With the planetary mixer, you will be able to produce a much larger quantity, and that too in a very less period. 

The Final Wrap

If you want the planetary mixer for the bakery, then contact us at GeeGee Foods bakery Machine manufacturers. Once we receive the order, we will pack the mixer and deliver the same without tampering with the products inside. Not only that, the mixer is one of our best-selling products; hence, it can be your best investment for your bakery! 

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