Why is kindergarten Montessori school worth it?

As a parent, putting your tiny tot in school is the most difficult decision. The fear, anxiety, nervousness, and excitement may make you feel dizzy and directionless. However, kindergarten Montessori education will ease your doubts and unwind your worries.

Reasons why Dubai Montessori School is the best

1.      The approach focus on making them learn in an environment-conducive way

The Montessori classroom is well-ventilated, and a lot of emphases is placed on making the child study in natural light. Unlike standard kindergarten, they are not given toxic materials to play with. They are exposed to natural materials that help them build their cognitive skills.

The classroom might look like a workshop where the students learn the subjects with blocks, sandpaper letters, colored beads, and solid geometric shapes. These materials are provided to the students to improve their concentration and coordination and help them with their academic learning.

2.      The kindergarten school with the Montessori approach focus on improved social interaction

Have you ever seen why children are fascinated by what other children are doing? Dubai Montessori school leverage this fascination by grouping children of different ages and making them learn. The mixed age group children learn from each other and develop skills like acceptance and cooperation. The mixed age increases peer-to-peer learning, which increases their growth which might not occur in a standard kindergarten school.

3.      Dubai Montessori schools focus on innovation and creativity.

The Montessori kindergarten does not have a rigid approach that lowers the students’ creativity and imaginative skills. Rather they bring out these skills by using a creative approach to developing their love for learning which will serve them later in life. Such learning has spawned success stories of great business people like Google founder Larry. Page, Jeff Bezos, and Yo-Yo Ma.

4.      They learn at their pace.

Traditional schools do not resonate with the students’ mindset or learning skills. However, in the Montessori approach, the students progress in their own space without any pressure.

5.      It focuses on the cognitive development of the child.

The focus is not on academic excellence. The children within a Montessori kindergarten school aim to increase the student’s cognitive ability by improving their language skills- writing, speaking, and listening as well as mathematics, science, and geography. They are given tools through which they learn the process. Music and art are also added to the curriculum to foster creative skills. 

6.      Social and emotional skills are developed.

In Montessori kindergarten schools, emotional and social skills are emphasised. They are given responsibilities in their formative years, which make them diligent. The students also learn to work in a team.

7.      Make them emotionally expressive.

 Throughout the day, the students are provided with various activities and taught how to express their emotions positively and learn to listen to others without making judgments. 

Over to you

These are reasons why putting your child in Montessori school is worth it. That is why, we suggest you enrol your child in a reputed school with expert teachers, for example, Global Indian School.

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