Why Data Science Is a Trend That Is Here to Stay

Data Science has become a very crucial aspect of most industries these days. Large sums of information and crucial data are executed and processed for various reasons and activities. The course of Data Science prepares students for multiple industries as industries want to create perfect and target-oriented data in all forms.

The course is also available in online and distance mode offered by many reputed universities. You can easily take admission to a reputed university using a College Vidya compare portal. It’s a student-friendly online university comparison platform that provides AI-based tools and features to suggest the right university. 

The popularity of Data Science has grown tremendously and many companies have started implementing various techniques to enhance their businesses and enhance customer satisfaction. 

Here, in this article, you will know more about Data-Science, prerequisites, lifecycle and applications:

Data Science: Know More About It

Data Science is one of the most important and crucial subjects these days to pursue which opens many career opportunities. Every data scientist or expert needs to extract valuable insight from Unstructured forms of data. In Data-Science, you should know machine learning algorithms to create various types of predictive models. 

The information used for calculations and analysis comes from various sources and in multiple forms. The Data-Science professionals used to implement the latest technologies and software to gather necessary information for the business. 

Lifecycle of Data Science 

It’s time to focus on the lifecycle of Data Science once you have understood what Data-Science is. The lifecycle of Data-Science is based on five different stages each holding a unique task. Let’s know each of them:

Capture: This stage includes these things: Data gathering, data entry, reception of the signal, extraction of data, etc. In this stage, you need to gather the necessary data and put the same into a distinct form. 

Maintain: This stage includes warehousing of data, cleansing of data and information, staging of several forms of data, processing and its architecture etc. The process of this stage covers taking raw forms of data and putting the same into a particular form that can be easily used. 

Processing of Data: This stage includes various aspects of Data execution like Data mining, classification and clustering, Data Modeling, Summarization of information etc. The task of Data experts at this stage is to prepare necessary data and then examine their patterns ranges and various forms of biases in order to determine how useful it is as a predictive analysis. 

Analyze: This stage of data processing includes predictive analysis, mining of the text, qualitative analysis, exploratory, confirmatory etc. The stage of Data needs extensive analysis of crucial information. 

Perfect Communication: This stage of Data management and processing includes these aspects: business intelligence, Data visualization, decision making etc. In the last step, the Data analysts used to prepare a detailed report in a very easily readable form like graphs, charts and data sheets. 

Prerequisites for Learning Data Science 

Here, we have provided some necessary things in the technical domain that you must know before starting to learn about Data Science:

Machine Learning 

Machine Learning is the backbone of Data Science. Data Scientists require to get a good and solid grasp of various tools and software including machine learning algorithms along with the basic skills of mathematics and statistics. Machine Learning algorithms help the person to know more about Data Science very deeply. 


If you want to become a skilled data professional, then you should know mathematical modelling and calculations for prediction-based business goals. To achieve something in the field of Data Science, Modeling is recommended by many experts as it’s a part of Machine Learning and involves various types of algorithms to solve various issues for good business prospects. 


The base of Data Science and Machine Learning is based on statistics. If you learn statistics, then you can easily learn various types of concepts of business intelligence and data processing and execution techniques. So, it is important to learn statistics in a broader way. 

Knowledge of Programming 

Programming is very necessary to make data valuable and to undergo various types of Data Science projects. One of the most common programming languages is R and Python. Python is one of the most necessary languages to learn and to become a skilled Data Science expert. It supports multiple libraries for ML and Data Science. 

Database Handling 

In every big or small industry, it becomes very crucial to know the type of data and information used for the particular cause, the processing of databases and how to manage them. You will also know how to extract data from the same. 

Who Checks and Manages the Processes of Data Science

There are many people who used to manage various types of Data Science processes through various software and Data management skills. 

  • Business Managers
  • IT Managers
  • Data Science Managers

Who is a Data Scientist and What Are Their Responsibilities?

Data Scientists are those data professionals who have hands-on experience in handling various complicated technical tasks in data management and processing. Also, these people used to investigate various types of questions and their answers. They know various things like computer scientists, mathematicians, trend forecasters etc. Data Scientists are well-paid professionals because they can easily work in both IT and non-IT sectors. 

The primary job responsibilities of a skilled Data Scientist are provided below:

  • Create various types of forecasting data models and algorithms
  • Enhance the quality of data provided by machine learning technologies
  • Distribute data analysis by using various tools like Python, SAS, R and SQL. 
  • They also work towards innovative business growth with multiple skills in the data processing. 
  • Determining various issues to gain actionable insights using analytics and data collection techniques. 
  • The Data Scientists used to gather structured and unstructured forms of data sets from various types of sources, public and enterprise data etc. 
  • Once the data or information is collected properly, the Data Scientists process various types of raw data and convert the same to form a suitable analysis. It involves validating and cleaning data to get a more uninformed decision and goals. 
  • These data professionals used to implement the latest technologies to analyze several forms of data using machine learning algorithms and statistical models. It is where data science analyzes and detects several patterns and trends. 
  • Data Science is used to interpret large sums of data to get best-in-class solutions and data processing mechanisms. 
  • The experts of Data Science used to complete their tasks on time by preparing results and various insights to share with the appropriate stakeholder and to communicate the results. 

Why Become a Data Scientist?

Now, as you know who are Data Scientists and what are their job responsibilities? According to the latest report by Glass-door and Forbes, the demand for skilled Data Scientists is expected to grow at the rate of 28% by the year 2026. 

Data Science provides many job opportunities with high salary packages with multiple perks and benefits. So, you can easily become a skilled Data Scientist. 

Use of Data Science 

There are many uses of Data Science. Some of them are:

  • Data Science helps experts to detect possible data and information patterns in both structured and structured formats. It helps you allow to make necessary conclusions and possible predictions. 
  • Tech businesses need to utilize various types of strategies to transform big data and to form valuable input and profitable information. 
  • Data Science is being widely used in various fields including transportation and healthcare to maintain thousands of data. 
  • The applications and software used in Data Science offer a good level of therapeutic customization through genomics and genetics research. 

Which Position Do You Want After a Data Science Course?

The course of Data Science is one of the highly preferred and its focus is on extracting necessary and valuable data from large data sets. Here, we are providing some top positions that will help you get the right career opportunities after completing the course:

Data Scientist

It’s one of the highly preferred career opportunities where you need to extract valuable data and manage the same. The job responsibilities include determining the forms of data and to get the most relevant one. There are various skills needed to become a skilled Data Scientist like Python, R, SAS and Hadoop etc. 

Data Analyst 

The primary job role of the Data analyst is to bridge the gap between the business analyst and the tasks of Data Science. This professional is another demanding one that analyzes various forms of information into qualitative actions. 

The skills needed to become a good Data Analyst are to know mathematical and statistical calculations with multiple skills in hand through data wrangling and visualization techniques. 

Data Engineer 

It is another career scope after completing a course in Data Science. Candidates need to focus on various things like deploying, managing, and optimizing various data sets and information. These engineers are used to help data analysts and scientists to transfer information for queries. 

There are many skills needed to become a skilled Data Engineer like NoSQL database, MongoDB, Cassandra DB, programming languages like Scala Java and Framework etc.

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