If you’ve ever thought about one of our gun holsters that we design and manufacture there’s no more perfect time than now. Why you might may ask? It’s because our aim in July is to market one Eclipse Holster to a person within each of the 50 states.

And we’re already a good portion of getting to the finish line.

In this post in this post, we’ll custom 1911 leather holsters share more details on this tiny project of ours. We’ll also inform you the ways to save 20% off your next purchase. Read on to learn more!


To commemorate to mark the Fourth of July We’ve decided to do some extra to our customers. We’re providing 20% discounts when you use coupons discount code “1776” in order to mark the most wonderful day of the year. Coupon code 1776 will be valid until we’ve sold every bag in each state.

As of at the time of this writing, we have thirteen states seeking customers during the July month. These states include Washington, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, West Virginia, Vermont and Hawaii. As we said above the goal of our project is to cover the map with a complete Eclipse. You can keep track of our progress our Facebook page. our page on Facebook.

What makes our Kydex gunholsters unique? Simply put the reason is that they’re specifically designed to fit your gun of choice. No matter if you prefer OWB and IWB (or even in the event that you require an official holster) we’ve got something to suit your needs. If we don’t then please inform us, as we may be able to build your firearm holster.

Whatever your preferences 1911 western holster there’s bound to be something that’s perfect for you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a standard item from our collection of ready-to-shipholsters or like to create something unique using our custom-designed holster maker to make sure that your product unique We’re confident that there’s plenty to enjoy. That’s not even including our lifetime warranty!

We at Eclipse Holsters, we guarantee our holsters for the life of the product. If you’re not satisfied about the product we’ll repair it and/or replace it. We guarantee the high-quality of the products we sell for the duration of time you have them. It’s that simple.


If you own a firearm and require a quality Kydex gun holster We would be happy to design one for you. there’s no better time to place an order. Help us achieve our goal of shipping an holster to every one of the 50 US states. You can place an order for yourself or sharing our offer with a friend from another the state that hasn’t bought one yet! Our lifetime promise means there’s nothing to risk. Of course remember this coupon coupon “1776” will get you 20% off your purchase and free shipping. It’s not much more than this!

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