When To Seek a Hypertension Specialist | Symptoms and Cause Prevention

Commonly referred to as high blood pressure; hypertension is a silent illness. There are no major symptoms or indicators of it. Nevertheless, it harms the body and may result in several heart diseases. It is crucial to monitor your blood pressure regularly, especially if it has previously been elevated or you notice it to be significantly over the normal blood pressure range or if you have a genetic history of such health issues. You might also need to get checked for heart disease since hypertension is the main contributor to heart disease. Getting timely treatment and seeing a hypertension specialist is essential to avoid serious concerns. Let’s know more about high blood pressure.

Causes and Danger Signs


The Trusted Source claims that genetics can impact high blood pressure. According to one study, a person has a 30–50% probability of having high blood pressure. The paper also points out that even though blood pressure-regulating genes have been identified, only 2-3% of blood pressure variations are hereditary.

Primary hypertension is a raised blood pressure that appears gradually. It is advisable for people having genetic hypertension problems to get monitored by a clinical hypertension specialist.

Although the reason may not be known, you may know the risk factors connected with it, such as the following lifestyle choices:

Unhealthy Diet

Your body retains fluid when you eat more than the required sodium (salt) and too little potassium, which is abundant in bananas, potatoes, beans, and yogurt. Extra fluid in the blood vessels raises the pressure inside them, which over time, also puts more strain on your heart’s ability to pump blood.

Obesity: Being overweight makes it harder for your heart to pump blood and oxygen throughout your body. This can overtax your cardiovascular system and raise your blood pressure.

Tobacco: Smoke reduces blood oxygen levels by producing carbon dioxide and raising blood pressure. Your heart must work harder to pump sufficient oxygen to the body, which also causes your blood pressure to rise.

Drinking too much alcohol raises blood pressure. For women, the current recommendations are one drink per day, and for men, two drinks per day.

Inactivity: Having a sedentary lifestyle can cause your heart rate to increase, taxing your heart and causing blood pressure to rise.

In a condition known as secondary hypertension, many long-term medical issues can also raise blood pressure. It usually develops faster and can be brought on by conditions like thyroid issues, kidney problems, diabetes, thyroid, and chronic diseases. A number of drugs, such as cold medicines, painkillers, and birth control pills, can also bring on hypertension.

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Hypertension specialist doctors have been pushing blood pressure management due to the strong link between environmental variables and blood pressure.

Eating a balanced diet low in salt, using alcohol in moderation, and engaging in regular exercise all contribute to stress management and weight maintenance.

giving up tobacco use

When should you visit a doctor

Even though its symptoms are rarely identified, anyone who suddenly develops an intense headache or nosebleed should check their blood pressure and consult a hypertension specialist. If the blood pressure is higher than 180/120 mm Hg, rest for 5 minutes before rechecking it. Then you should go to their doctor’s office for medical attention if the blood pressure exceeds 180/120 mm Hg.

Call for immediate medical care if someone is having severe symptoms like chest discomfort, breathlessness, or trouble seeing because they could be having a hypertensive crisis. Dizziness is one of the negative effects of blood pressure medications. A person should consult their doctor if this adverse effect persists or interferes with everyday activities.

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