What Should You Expect from Ultherapy Stomach Procedures

Do you have a flabby stomach and have been trying to smooth it out in vain? Loose skin on your abdomen is an eyesore, and even after you have lost the excess weight with exercise and diet, it just refuses to go away. Ultherapy for the stomach helps you to address this issue. You should get in touch with a skilled and experienced specialist in the field to understand the procedure and how it can help you successfully smooth the stomach area.

What is the ultherapy stomach procedure?

The ultherapy stomach procedure has been specially designed to tighten and make your skin firm. This procedure stimulates the production of collagen with ultrasound waves. Collagen gives your skin support, and it naturally keeps the skin smooth. With time, the production of collagen in the skin slows down, and this leads to skin laxity in the body. The area of the stomach gets affected, and its appearance becomes worse after weight loss or pregnancy.

People in the past used to resort to the tummy tuck procedure to smooth out the loose skin. This surgery involved a lot of scarring, discomfort, and time for significant recovery time. In the past, people resorted to tummy tucks to rectify the loose skin. The FDA has approved the Ultherapy procedure for the stomach. It refers to skin firming and skin-lifting treatment for the chest, face, and neck. It can be used for firming the skin of the stomach too.

Why should you choose the Ultherapy procedure for the stomach?

The ultherapy procedure for the stomach is a good alternative to surgery as the downtime here is zero. You will feel no discomfort after the procedure, and the stimulation of collagen for your skin continues even after the surgery is over.

Ultherapy treatment gives your skin a support system that lasts for many years. During the treatment, your specialist deploys ultrasound technology to see the skin layers and deliver the energy accurately to the targeted area. This process is comfortable for most of the patients, and one session, on average, lasts for about thirty to ninety minutes.

A single ultherapy stomach session delivers the ideal results to the patient. They are able to witness a surge in collagen production within three to six months. The skin retains its firm and youthful appearance. Thus, collagen production lasts for two to three months after the treatment. The results of this treatment last for many years if you team it up with a regular exercise regime and healthy diet. You can return back to the clinic for touch-ups when needed, overtime when the skin ages, and there is a breakdown in the natural collagen production. This treatment is effective and safe for both men and women. If you are concerned about your stomach area and its appearance, you should consult a good specialist. However, if the skin of your stomach is too loose and flabby or you are pregnant, the ultherapy procedure might not be a feasible option for you. You need to consult your doctor to determine whether you are a good candidate for this treatment or not.

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