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With the principles of serve first and customers first, we will company you during you whole preparation, Some candidates say that they prepare for CIPP-C exam using some exam materials from other site but fail.

We can’t forget the advantages and the conveniences that reliable CIPP-C study materials complied by our companies bring to us, However, few of them have known the importance of CIPP-C test guide materials, and some of them even fail the test unfortunately.

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Please use the following to answer the next question:
Joe is the new privacy manager for Who-R-U, a Canadian business that provides DNA analysis. The company is headquartered in Montreal, and all of its employees are located there. The company offers its services to Canadians only: Its website is in English and French, it accepts only Canadian currency, and it blocks internet traffic from outside of Canada (although this solution doesn’t prevent all non-Canadian traffic). It also declines to process orders that request the DNA report to be sent outside of Canada, and returns orders that show a non-Canadian return address.
Bob, the President of Who-R-U, thinks there is a lot of interest for the product in the EU, and the company is exploring a number of plans to expand its customer base.
The first plan, collegially called We-Track-U, will use an app to collect information about its current Canadian customer base. The expansion will allow its Canadian customers to use the app while traveling abroad. He suggests that the company use this app to gather location information. If the plan shows promise, Bob proposes to use push notifications and text messages to encourage existing customers to pre-register for an EU version of the service. Bob calls this work plan, We-Text-U. Once the company has gathered enough pre- registrations, it will develop EU-specific content and services.
Another plan is called Customer for Life. The idea is to offer additional services through the company’s app, like storage and sharing of DNA information with other applications and medical providers. The company’s contract says that it can keep customer DNA indefinitely, and use it to offer new services and market them to customers. It also says that customers agree not to withdraw direct marketing consent. Paul, the marketing director, suggests that the company should fully exploit these provisions, and that it can work around customers’ attempts to withdraw consent because the contract invalidates them.
The final plan is to develop a brand presence in the EU. The company has already begun this process. It is in the process of purchasing the naming rights for a building in Germany, which would come with a few offices that Who-R-U executives can use while traveling internationally. The office doesn’t include any technology or infrastructure; rather, it’s simply a room with a desk and some chairs.
On a recent trip concerning the naming-rights deal, Bob’s laptop is stolen. The laptop held unencrypted DNA reports on 5,000 Who-R-U customers, all of whom are residents of Canada. The reports include customer name, birthdate, ethnicity, racial background, names of relatives, gender, and occasionally health information.
If Who-R-U adopts the We-Track-U pilot plan, why is it likely to be subject to the territorial scope of the GDPR?

  • A. It would be offering goods or services to data subjects in the Union.
  • B. It is monitoring the behavior of data subjects in the Union.
  • C. It is engaging in commercial activities conducted in the Union.
  • D. Its plan would be in the context of the establishment of a controller in the Union.

Answer: B


What is the main purpose of requiring marketers to use the Wireless Domain Registry?

  • A. To ensure their emails are sent to actual wireless subscribers
  • B. To prevent unauthorized emails to mobile devices
  • C. To access a current list of wireless domain names
  • D. To acquire authorization to send emails to mobile devices

Answer: B


Which of the following is an example of direct marketing that would be subject to European data protection laws?

  • A. A charity fundraising event notice sent to an individual at her business address.
  • B. A service outage notification provided to an individual by recorded telephone message.
  • C. An updated privacy notice sent to an individual’s personal email address.
  • D. A revision of contract terms conveyed to an individual by SMS from a marketing organization.

Answer: A


Tom looked forward to starting his new position with a U.S -based automobile leasing company (New Company), now operating in 32 states. New Company was recently formed through the merger of two prominent players, one from the eastern region (East Company) and one from the western region (West Company). Tom, a Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT), is New Company’s first Information Privacy and Security Officer. He met today with Dick from East Company, and Harry, from West Company.
Dick and Harry are veteran senior information privacy and security professionals at their respective companies, and continue to lead the east and west divisions of New Company. The purpose of the meeting was to conduct a SWOT (strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats) analysis for New Company. Their SWOT analysis conclusions are summarized below.
Dick was enthusiastic about an opportunity for the New Company to reduce costs and increase computing power and flexibility through cloud services. East Company had been contemplating moving to the cloud, but West Company already had a vendor that was providing it with software-as-a-service (SaaS). Dick was looking forward to extending this service to the eastern region. Harry noted that this was a threat as well, because West Company had to rely on the third party to protect its data.
Tom mentioned that neither of the legacy companies had sufficient data storage space to meet the projected growth of New Company, which he saw as a weakness. Tom stated that one of the team’s first projects would be to construct a consolidated New Company data warehouse. Tom would personally lead this project and would be held accountable if information was modified during transmission to or during storage in the new data warehouse.
Tom, Dick and Harry agreed that employee network access could be considered both a strength and a weakness. East Company and West Company had strong performance records in this regard; both had robust network access controls that were working as designed. However, during a projected year-long transition period, New Company employees would need to be able to connect to a New Company network while retaining access to the East Company and West Company networks.
When employees are working remotely, they usually connect to a Wi-Fi network. What should Harry advise for maintaining company security in this situation?

  • A. Hiding wireless service set identifiers (SSID).
  • B. Employing Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) encryption.
  • C. Using tokens sent through HTTP sites to verify user identity.
  • D. Retaining the password assigned by the network.

Answer: A


Please use the following to answer the next question:
Louis, a long-time customer of Bedrock Insurance, was involved in a minor car accident a few months ago.
Although no one was hurt, Louis has been plagued by texts and calls from a company called Accidentable offering to help him recover compensation for personal injury. Louis has heard about insurance companies selling customers’ data to third parties, and he’s convinced that Accidentable must have gotten his information from Bedrock Insurance.
Louis has also been receiving an increased amount of marketing information from Bedrock, trying to sell him their full range of their insurance policies.
Perturbed by this, Louis has started looking at price comparison sites on the internet and has been shocked to find that other insurers offer much cheaper rates than Bedrock, even though he has been a loyal customer for many years. When his Bedrock policy comes up for renewal, he decides to switch to Zantrum Insurance.
In order to activate his new insurance policy, Louis needs to supply Zantrum with information about his No Claims bonus, his vehicle and his driving history. After researching his rights under the GDPR, he writes to ask Bedrock to transfer his information directly to Zantrum. He also takes this opportunity to ask Bedrock to stop using his personal data for marketing purposes.
Bedrock supplies Louis with a PDF and XML (Extensible Markup Language) versions of his No Claims Certificate, but tells Louis it cannot transfer his data directly to Zantrum as this is not technically feasible.
Bedrock also explains that Louis’s contract included a provision whereby Louis agreed that his data could be used for marketing purposes; according to Bedrock, it is too late for Louis to change his mind about this. It angers Louis when he recalls the wording of the contract, which was filled with legal jargon and very confusing.
In the meantime, Louis is still receiving unwanted calls from Accidentable Insurance. He writes to Accidentable to ask for the name of the organization that supplied his details to them. He warns Accidentable that he plans to complain to the data protection authority, because he thinks their company has been using his data unlawfully. His letter states that he does not want his data being used by them in any way.
Accidentable’s response letter confirms Louis’s suspicions. Accidentable is Bedrock Insurance’s wholly owned subsidiary, and they received information about Louis’s accident from Bedrock shortly after Louis submitted his accident claim. Accidentable assures Louis that there has been no breach of the GDPR, as Louis’s contract included, a provision in which he agreed to share his information with Bedrock’s affiliates for business purposes.
Louis is disgusted by the way in which he has been treated by Bedrock, and writes to them insisting that all his information be erased from their computer system.
Which statement accurately summarizes Bedrock’s obligation in regard to Louis’s data portability request?

  • A. Bedrock does not have a duty to transfer Louis’s data to Zantrum if doing so is legitimately not technically feasible.
  • B. Bedrock does not have to transfer Louis’s data to Zantrum because the right to data portability does not apply where personal data are processed in order to carry out tasks in the public interest.
  • C. Bedrock has failed to comply with the duty to transfer Louis’s data to Zantrum because the duty applies wherever personal data are processed by automated means and necessary for the performance of a contract with the customer.
  • D. Bedrock has failed to comply with the duty to transfer Louis’s data to Zantrum because it has an obligation to develop commonly used, machine-readable and interoperable formats so that all customer data can be ported to other insurers on request.

Answer: B



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