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Contoso, Ltd. provides an API to customers by using Azure API Management (APIM). The API authorizes users with a JWT token.
You must implement response caching for the APIM gateway. The caching mechanism must detect the user ID of the client that accesses data for a given location and cache the response for that user ID.
You need to add the following policies to the policies file:
* a set-variable policy to store the detected user identity
* a cache-lookup-value policy
* a cache-store-value policy
* a find-and-replace policy to update the response body with the user profile information To which policy section should you add the policies? To answer, drag the appropriate sections to the correct policies. Each section may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point



Box 1: Inbound.
A set-variable policy to store the detected user identity.
<!– How you determine user identity is application dependent –>
value=”@(context.Request.Headers.GetValueOrDefault(“Authorization”,””).Split(‘ ‘)[1].AsJwt()?.Subject)” /> Box 2: Inbound A cache-lookup-value policy Example:
<base />
<cache-lookup vary-by-developer=”true | false” vary-by-developer-groups=”true | false” downstream-caching-type=”none | private | public” must-revalidate=”true | false”>
<vary-by-query-parameter>parameter name</vary-by-query-parameter> <!– optional, can repeated several times –>
Box 3: Outbound
A cache-store-value policy.
<base />
<cache-store duration=”3600″ />
Box 4: Outbound
A find-and-replace policy to update the response body with the user profile information.
<!– Update response body with user profile–>
to=”@((string)context.Variables[“userprofile”])” />
<base />


You need to correct the RequestUserApproval Function app error.
What should you do?

  • A. Configure the Function app to use an App Service hosting plan. Enable the Always On setting of the hosting plan.
  • B. Update the function to be stateful by using Durable Functions to process the request payload.
  • C. Update the functionTimeout property of the host.json project file to 15 minutes.
  • D. Update line RA13 to use the async keyword and return an HttpRequest object value.

Answer: B

Async operation tracking
The HTTP response mentioned previously is designed to help implement long-running HTTP async APIs with Durable Functions. This pattern is sometimes referred to as the polling consumer pattern.
Both the client and server implementations of this pattern are built into the Durable Functions HTTP APIs.
Function app
You perform local testing for the RequestUserApproval function. The following error message displays:
‘Timeout value of 00:10:00 exceeded by function: RequestUserApproval’
The same error message displays when you test the function in an Azure development environment when you run the following Kusto query:
| where FunctionName = = “RequestUserApproval”


Case Study 4 – Best for You Organics
Best for You Organics Company is a global restaurant franchise that has multiple locations. The company wants to enhance user experiences and vendor integrations. The company plans to implement automated mobile ordering and delivery services.
Best For You Organics hosts an Azure web app at the URL https://www.bestforyouorganics.com.
Users can use the web app to browse restaurant locations, menu items, nutritional, information, and company information. The company developed and deployed a cross-platform mobile app.
You must develop a chartbot by using the Bot Builder SDK and Language Understanding Intelligence Service (LUIS). The chatbot must allow users to order food for pickup or delivery.
The chatbot must meet the following requirements:
* Ensure that chatbot endpoint can be accessed only by the Bot Framework connector.
* Use natural language processing and speech recognition so that users can interact with the chatbot by using text and voice. Processing must be server-based.
* Alert users about promotions at local restaurants.
* Enable users to place an order for delivery or pickup by using their voice.
* Greet the user upon sign-in by displaying a graphical interface that contains action buttons.
* The chatbot greeting interface must match the formatting of the following example:

Vendor API
Vendors receive and provide updates for the restaurant inventory and delivery services by using Azure API Management hosted APIs. Each vendor uses their own subscription to access each of the APIs.
APIs must meet the following conditions:
* API usage must not exceed 5,000 calls and 50,000 kilobytes of bandwidth per hour per vendor.
* If a vendor is nearing the number of calls or bandwidth limit, the API must trigger email notifications to the vendor.
* APIs must prevent API usage spikes on a per-subscription basis by limiting the call rate to 100 calls per minute.
* The Inventory API must be written by using ASP.NET Core and Node.js.
* The API must be updated to provide an interface to Azure SQL Database. Database objects must be managed by using code.
* The Delivery API must be protected by using the OAuth 2.0 protocol with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) when called from the Azure web app. You register the Delivery API and web app in Azure AD. You enable OAuth 2.0 in the web app.
* The delivery API must update the Products table, the Vendor transactions table, and the Billing table in a single transaction.
The Best For You Organics Company architecture team has created the following diagram depicting the expected deployments into Azure:

Delivery API
The Delivery API intermittently throws the following exception:

Chatbot greeting
The chatbot’s greeting does not show the user’s name. You need to debug the chatbot locally.
Language processing
Users report that the bot fails to understand when a customer attempts to order dishes that use Italian names.
Relevant portions of the app files are shown below. Line numbers are included for reference only and include a two-character prefix that denotes the specific file to which they belong.

You need to update the chatbot to greet the user when they sign in.
Which two rich card formats can you use? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

  • A. Sign-in
  • B. Thumbnail
  • C. Hero
  • D. Animation
  • E. Adaptive

Answer: A,B

Scenario: The chatbot greeting interface must match the formatting of the following example:

A message exchange between user and bot can contain one or more rich cards rendered as a list or carousel. The Attachments property of the Activity object contains an array of Attachment objects that represent the rich cards and media attachments within the message.
The Bot Framework currently supports eight types of rich cards:
Thumbnail Card. A card that typically contains a single thumbnail image, one or more buttons, and text.
SignIn Card. A card that enables a bot to request that a user sign-in. It typically contains text and one or more buttons that the user can click to initiate the sign-in process.
Incorrect Answers:
B: Animation Card. A card that can play animated GIFs or short videos.
C Hero Card. A card that typically contains a single large image, one or more buttons, and text.
E: Adaptive Card. A customizable card that can contain any combination of text, speech, images, buttons, and input fields.
Receipt Card. A card that enables a bot to provide a receipt to the user. It typically contains the list of items to include on the receipt, tax and total information, and other text.
Video Card. A card that can play videos.
https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/bot-service/dotnet/bot-builder-dotnet-add-rich-card- attachments?view=azure-bot-service-3.0 Question


You need to ensure that network security policies are met.
How should you configure network security? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.




Box 1: Valid root certificate
Scenario: All websites and services must use SSL from a valid root certificate authority.
Box 2: Azure Application Gateway
* Any web service accessible over the Internet must be protected from cross site scripting attacks.
* All Internal services must only be accessible from Internal Virtual Networks (VNets)
* All parts of the system must support inbound and outbound traffic restrictions.
Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF) on Azure Application Gateway provides centralized protection of your web applications from common exploits and vulnerabilities. Web applications are increasingly targeted by malicious attacks that exploit commonly known vulnerabilities. SQL injection and cross-site scripting are among the most common attacks.
Application Gateway supports autoscaling, SSL offloading, and end-to-end SSL, a web application firewall (WAF), cookie-based session affinity, URL path-based routing, multisite hosting, redirection, rewrite HTTP headers and other features.
Note: Both Nginx and Azure Application Gateway act as a reverse proxy with Layer 7 loadbalancing features plus a WAF to ensure strong protection against common web vulnerabilities and exploits.
You can modify Nginx web server configuration/SSL for X-XSS protection. This helps to prevent cross-site scripting exploits by forcing the injection of HTTP headers with X-XSS protection.



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