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Consider thefollowing dialog flowcodeinaskill:


  • A. The skilldisplaysthemessage”Pleasewait,we’rereviewingyourorder”,thendisplays”Almostdone…”,then displays”Thankyouforyourorder.”,and thenwaitsforuser input.
  • B. The skilldisplaysthemessage”Pleasewait,we’re reviewing yourorder”and thenwaitsforuser input.
  • C. Theskilldisplaysthemessage”Pleasewait,we’rereviewingyourorder”,thendisplays
    “Almostdone…”,thendisplays “Thankyouforyourorder.”,andthencompletestheconversation.
  • D. Theskilldisplays themessage”Pleasewait,we’re reviewingyourorder”,thendisplays”Almostdone…”,and thenwaitsforuser input.

Answer: C


When testing your skill, you notice that two of its intents consistently rank as the top two, resolving within just a few points of each other.
Given the unpredictable nature of which intent gets the top score, what would you do to allow the skill user to choose the correct intent?

  • A. Change the Explicit Invocation Threshold to zero to ensure that the correct intent is picked up when the user mentions the name of the intent.
  • B. Keep adding training data until you get a predictable result every time.
  • C. For each intent, create an entity of phrases that are distinct to each intent, and add the appropriate entity to the corresponding intent.
  • D. Change the Confidence Threshold during your testing until the correct intent always wins.
  • E. Change the Confidence Win Margin so that both intents are offered to the user.

Answer: A


Whena user interacts with oneskill withinadigitalassistantbut then entersinputthatmaybe relevanttoanother skill,thedigital assistantgenerallypresents users aprompttoconfirm whethertheyreally wanttoswitchtothe other skill,eveniftheinput iscompletelyirrelevanttothe current skill.
Howcanyoureduce the frequencywith whichtheuserencounters theseconfirmationpromptsinadigitalassistant?

  • A. Inthedigital assistant,add moreutterancesfor theunresoivedintentsystemintent.
  • B. Inthedigitalassistant,reduce the value of the Interrupt Prompt ConfidenceThreshold setting.
  • C. Ineach skill,reduce thevalue oftheConfidenceWin Margin setting.
  • D. Inthedialogassistant,reducethevalue oftheConfidenceWinMargin setting.

Answer: A


Which two components can be used in combination with composite bag entities to auto-generate skill responses and flows from definitions saved in bag items?

  • A. System.List
  • B. System.CommonResponse
  • C. System.MatchEntity
  • D. System.Text
  • E. System.ResolveEntities

Answer: B,E



You have a skill for ordering pizzas. In your experience, you have found that 95% of your customers want a regular crust and just 5% prefer gluten-free crust. Because so few people are likely to want a gluten-free crust, you don’t want to prompt for that option, but you do want to make it available.
Assuming you already have a composite bag entity that contains a PizzaCrust entity that has the values
“regular” and “gluten free”, what would be the simplest way to have your skill enable a user to order a pizza with a gluten-free crust without the skill prompting the user for that option?

  • A. For the PizzaCrust entity item, set the Extract With property to reference an entity with the single value
    “gluten free”.
  • B. In the composite bag, set the PizzaCrust entity item’s Prompt for Value property to False. Then, once the the composite bag is resolved, check if the PizzaCrust entity has a value. If it doesn’t, set its value to
  • C. Don’t set a prompt for the PizzaCrust entity item.
  • D. Don’t set a prompt for the PizzaCrust entity item and set the Out of Order Extraction property to True.

Answer: C



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