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great hair extension boxes can add more value to the hair extension products. You can buy the high quality custom hair extension boxes printed with your company logo and brand colors.  Hair extension box packaging comes in a verity of designs and styles. You can chose from sleek sleeve box to display box, window boxes and multiple other designs that keep hair extension tangle free. Customized extension boxes UK are available nationwide that can make hair extension products more valuable.

Enhancing your hairstyles and your looks in general without risking hair fall and damaged roots, the solution? Of course answer is hair extension. Hair extension has become an amazing trend in the fashion world now. They are quick and easy to use. With the growing fame of hair extensions in the world of fashion, the way to make your product unique and different from others is your sales and packaging. The visual appearance of the product packaging is often what triggers the customer to purchase that product. In this article, we will discuss the versatile custom hair extension boxes

Materials which can be used in the packaging:

Having eco-friendly hair extension box packaging is very good especially since our beautiful world is facing very severe environmental crises. Using a 100% recyclable and reusable material is amazing as it takes the load of the wastage in this world. 

  • You can also choose the material of your custom hair extensions boxes,maybe something that is sturdy during the shipment as well. Something likes cardboard or even kraft sheets and corrugated cardboards and cardstock boxes. All of these are recyclable and reusable and eco-friendly and even are advantageous in storing capabilities as they can be easily stored anywhere. 
  • Another amazing feat about the listed materials for packaging is that they all can be easily customized and modified to your liking and according to your company’s or business’s logo and name. You can add decorations as well and enhance them more so they won’t get damaged easily. 

Printing and Coloring Palate:

There are many printing and coloring techniques when you think about designing your custom hair extension boxes. It is completely up to you on the design and coloring and printing you choose for your packaging as you know better about your wishes and desires and most importantly your budget. 

  • CMYK Coloring: You can do the CMYK coloring model and go for offset printing if your budget is very limited. On the other side of the coin, if you have an open budget, you can get a PMS coloring model and go for digital printing which will increase the result of your packaging and make your box even more appealing, which will grab the perfect attention of the customers. 
  • 3D printing: The pattern and colors you choose for your packaging need to be perfect and attention-grabbing. Going for more graphic and 3D printing will give you that design you desire. You can earn a lot of profit by investing a little.  

 Which style of boxes is the best for Hair extension packaging?

Choosing the style of your box is also very important for your packaging to be very attractive. Choosing a unique box is a great idea. The more different and aesthetically pleasing your hair extension box looks, the more customers you will gain and the more your product will sell. 

There are many diverse boxes you can use for your custom hair extension packaging. Using auto-bottom or maybe tuck-end or even slide and pyramid boxes are a good option. At the end of it all, you can decorate the box according to your product and company.

Adding Add-Ons to your packaging:

Using multiple add-ons on your packaging will make your box more brilliant and aesthetically pleasing. The packaging of the product you sell is a way to promote your company where customers can see the company’s logo is all its beautiful glory. 

  • Coating: You can make your packaging more professional and beautiful by adding a coating on it. It can be either matte or glossy coating; both will do wonders to your packaging. 
  • Foiling: You can also use gold or silver foiling’s for your boxes as well. Other than these two, you can also use PVC windows to get more transparency for your packaging. 
  • Closure buttons: You can also add some add-ons like the magnetic closure button of sorts which can magnify the reuse of the boxes for your customers. 

Final words:

You can get these boxes made from anywhere in the UK. Having hair extension boxes UK is easier and more efficient for you and your company especially if your company is UK based.

Having good packaging for your company doesn’t only enhance the visuality but also gains the trust and loyalty of your customers.

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