Travel Tips: Experience The True Coorg

Coorg, often referred to as the Scotland of India, is every bit as stunning as Scotland. The places to visit in Coorg and the things to do there are so varied that one trip won’t be enough to do it all, from the numerous picturesque views to the scenic landscape that makes for thrilling treks to the abundant wildlife and the rich Kodava culture.

Locations to Visit

Depending on each person’s preferences, Coorg offers a wide variety of sites to visit.

1. Pushpagiri Hills

There are many hiking trails in this area of the Western Ghats. The Kumara Parvatha can be found here. The trekkers who want to experience breathtaking views of the Coorg landscapes head for Kumar Parvatha, the second-highest peak in Coorg. The untamed landscapes invite adventurous souls to explore the trekking trail, and they will be rewarded with stunning views everywhere.
You will be rewarded for completing the strenuous hike with a breathtaking vista of rich vegetation at the summit. Most journeys last between three and four hours. Here, the weather is lovely all year long. Even then, the ideal times to visit Pushpagiri are in September and October.

2. The top of Tadiyandamol

In Karnataka, it ranks as the second highest. Trekkers frequent this spot frequently. There are many beautiful landscapes in the area. The Tadiyandamol summit is situated in the Western Ghats, 35 kilometres from Madikeri. Trekkers regularly use the Nalaknad Palace as a base camp. There are two stories in the palace. It is a difficult hike to get there because it is high up on a ridge. The palace also features a robust bee population and a visitor-friendly beekeeping centre.

3. Nishani Motte

The Bramhagiri Range in the Western Ghats is home to Nishani Motte, one of Karnataka’s top unusual treks. The top was once used by rulers as a signalling location. The trail is a peaceful and secluded area away from the hordes of tourists that can be found in the area because it is still relatively undiscovered. The trail is a great choice for hikers who enjoy taking quiet and unusual trails because it passes through some of the most beautiful and verdant coffee plantations. If you want to take in an unrivalled view of Coorg and the surrounding mountains, hike to Nishani Motte.

4. Nisargadhama

It is a stunning island located on the Cauvery River, 28 kilometres from Madikeri, and is encircled by dense bamboo, sandalwood, and teak tree vegetation. The 64 km long island, which is also a well-liked picnic location, is surrounded by gorgeous sandalwood and teak trees and lush bamboo forests. The most thrilling element of the tour is perhaps the hanging rope bridge that connects to the island. If you’re lucky, you might also see deer, peacocks, and rabbits. In addition, it contains a playground for kids and an orchidarium. Here, you can stay in a treetop bamboo hut and go boating and elephant riding.

5. Raja’s Seat

The Kodagu rulers’ favourite location to unwind was Raja’s Seat. Views of a sizable seasonal garden sitting on a hill and the setting sun are seen. Early in the morning would be a wonderful time to go so you can see the valley draped in mist and the dawn.

6. Nagarhole National Park

For tourists and animal aficionados alike, this region’s Nagarhole National Park is a well-known wildlife sanctuary. It is a tiger reserve as well as a place where wild tuskers live. Other creatures that have frequently been observed in Nagarhole include gaur and deer. The park is mainly a deep tropical forest with a diverse range of vegetation and fauna. You can also find streams of pristine water meandering through the rainforest. A stay at one of the jungle lodges located inside the forest can only heighten the adventure.

7. The Dubare Elephant Camp

The camp offers a thrilling and unique opportunity to interact with elephants. The camp offers a wonderful opportunity to get to know these kinds of animals because it has over 150 elephants. Observe the mahouts as they feed, bathe, and train the elephants. Alternatively, you could choose to go on a boat trip on the Cauvery River, where you might see crocodiles, gaur, wild dogs, sloth bears, and even peacocks. The main attraction of this camp is how many elephants are raised and trained there. The management of these elephants is the duty of naturalists. A naturalist can explain to you the methods of an elephant when you visit

Dubare is a haven for bird watchers as well. In this area, you can view unusual birds. Even the simple sight of some birds can be enjoyable. Partridges, woodpeckers, and kingfishers are numerous in this area. The gorgeous peacocks flaunting their colourful feathers should not be overlooked. You can witness a bird migration in its entirety if you can visit the woodland reserve at dusk.

8. Talakaveri Wildlife Sanctuary

Numerous creatures, including tigers, leopards, jackals, porcupines, gigantic flying squirrels, cobras, pythons, and elephants, reside in this wildlife sanctuary. It is close to Coorg, and Talakaveri, the Cauvery River’s source, gave it its name. Additionally, it is a great location for hiking.

9. Chettalli

On the Madikeri-Siddapur Road, this little settlement can be found. One of the best sites to see and experience the local culture in Coorg is here. It would be perfect if you want to unwind and enjoy the peace because of the misty hills and endless vegetation.

10. Bylakuppe

If you want to get a sense of Buddhism’s spirituality and culture in the south, visit the second-largest Tibetan population in India. The town is especially fantastic to visit when Losar (the Tibetan New Year), which is celebrated with great fervour, is taking place. The main tourist destinations in Bylakuppe are the Namdroling Monastery and Golden Temple. The numerous murals that cover the walls are decorated with gold, making it a classic Tibetan monastery. The 18-meter-tall gold-plated Buddha, however, must be the building’s most recognisable feature.

What to do

Coorg provides a variety of entertainment-filled activities, particularly adventurous ones. A list of the best things to do in Coorg is provided below.

1. Riding a Whitewater Raft

One of the best whitewater rafting experiences in the nation can be had on the Barapole River near Coorg. The river is beautiful and full of beautiful scenery. Forested areas can be found on each side of the river. Despite the short distance, rafting on these rivers is an exhilarating experience. A variety of water activities can be played in the river, a natural body of water. Rapids are divided between upper and lower portions. There are rapids appropriate for both experienced whitewater rafters and beginners.

2. Fishing (Fishing)

On the banks of the River Cauvery are numerous fishing camps, the most well-known of which is in the village of Valnur. If you like fishing, this is one of the spots in Coorg to go. However, you’ll need to exercise a little caution when it comes to the local fishing regulations. To begin with, a fishing licence is required and may be obtained from the Coorg Wildlife Society’s office in Madikeri. Additionally, the catch and release principle must be followed when fishing in Valnur; all fish must be returned to the water after being caught. This is an element of the local conservation drive.

3. Canoeing and Kayaking

This is one way to explore the Cauvery River’s more serene side. On the numerous camps where these activities are conducted, instructors are present. You can paddle either a canoe or a three-man kayak (2-man).

4. A Quad Bike

Quad biking entails riding a 250cc quad bike through the woods on an off-road course that is typically bumpy and muddy. Having educators in charge makes for a secure family outing. Obstacle courses, zip lines, and rope walkways are other activities.

5. Visits to Coffee Plantations

What better way to discover a place like this than through its numerous coffee plantations, for which Coorg is also renowned across the world? Here, you may visit government-run and privately-owned coffee estates and even travel with a professional coffee picker to see how it’s done. Harvesting is primarily a manual process, with very little automation.

If necessary, guided excursions are offered through these plantations. If you wish to explore the region’s unique flora and fauna, the coffee estates of Coorg are the best places to go. If you are interested in photography and bird watching, the plantations are the ideal locations.

Places To Stay In Coorg

Staying at a Coorg homestay is the finest way to experience the local way of life, especially if you have a tight budget. Although Coorg has a fair number of opulent resorts, homestays steal the show by providing a genuine glimpse into the native way of life. You can read these blogs to learn more about the lodging options in Coorg: Homestays in Coorg, Honeymoon resorts in Coorg, Offbeat stays in Coorg, and Budget stay in Coorg.

A Coorgi Meal

Pandi curry, which is comprised of pork and a blend of spices including cinnamon, red chilli, clove, and the traditional curry leaves, is very well known in Coorg. Another famous dish from Coorg is akki roti, a chapatti-like pancake prepared from boiled rice and rice flour.

You can also enjoy a variety of Puttu steamed rice delicacies, including Nooputtu, rice threads akin to Kerala Idiyappam, and Paaputtu, a combination of steamed broken rice, coconut, and sugar. There is the well-known Coorg honey or robust curries not frequently available elsewhere to go with these. These include bamboo shoots and pumpkin curries.

Dishes like Kaad Maange curry, produced from wild mango that has a more peppery sour flavour than conventional mangoes, are unique to Coorg. Try the Kumm curry produced from wild mushrooms, the Kemba curry made from colocasia, or the Chekke curry made from raw jackfruit.

The finest places to sample authentic cuisine are at homestays, where the locals can make these delectable dishes according to their customs. A few local eateries charge reasonable prices for traditional cuisine. East End Restaurant and Kodava Cuisine Restaurant are two well-known eateries.

Ideal Period To Travel

The best time to visit Coorg would be from November to March because of the lovely weather, the Puttari harvest festival, and the opportunity to savour some delectable regional specialities.

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