Top 10 winter lake treks in India


Winter is stunning in every way: knee-deep snow, the splendor of white glistening in the sun, frozen lakes, and chilling mist on the trees.

Also, you should hit your closest friend in the back with a large snowball.

If you enjoy everything about winter, now is the time to plan your winter adventure for the next season. The beauty of the mountains entices all nature enthusiasts, and it only grows in the depths of winter.you can also go for visit  truind trek.

So you want to go but don’t know where to go trekking this winter?

  1.  Ali Bedni Bugyal

Protip This is an incredibly unusual journey that only a few individuals attempt. Close your eyes and pick this if you want a pleasantly solitary experience.

  1.  Dayara Bugyal Winter Trek
  1. Brahmatal Winter Trek
  1. Markha Valley Trek, Ladakh
  1. Uttarakhand’s Dodital Trek
  1. Uttarakhand’s Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek
  1. Nepal’s Sandakphu Trek
  1. Uttarakhand’s Har ki Dun Trek
  1. Trek to Prashar Lake
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