TOEFL Requirements for Studying in the UK

TOEFL Requirements


TOEFL is a very popular exam that many British universities use for admission purposes. Thus, if you seek to finish your education at a British learning institute you must crack this test. But what is the minimum score you need in this test to study in the country? So, to answer this question today we are going over the minimum TOEFL requirements for Studying in the UK.

Why the UK?

Following are the benefits that you get by going to this stupendous study destination for training/destination:

Is It Essential to Appear for the TOEFL Exam for Studying in the UK?

Yes, you must appear for the exam if you plan to pursue your training at a British learning institute. Almost all British universities require students to submit their TOEFL score if they seek to get admission to their courses/programs. However, many British training institutes don’t ask students to give this exam to study in them.

Top Universities

Following are some of the top British learning institutes that accept TOEFL for admission purposes:

Minimum TOEFL Requirements For Studying in the UK

The minimum score that you must get in the English proficiency exam depends on the course you want to study in the UK. But on average, you must get a score of 80 on the language exam to study at a British learning institution. Following is the minimum TOEFL score that you will need to study at different British learning institutions:

Various Alternatives

Most British educational institutions use the Test of English as a Foreign Language for admission purposes. However, many British educational institutions also use other exams for admission purposes. Thus, you can always appear for these exams if you don’t want to appear for the TOEFL exam. Following are some of the other popular English assessment exams used by British universities for admission purposes:


Now you are aware of the minimum Test of English as a Foreign Language requirements for Studying in the UK. So, make sure you meet these minimum requirements if you seek to study at a British university. If you do this you won’t face any problems in getting admission to the top British universities/schools in the nation.

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