Things to check when purchasing Piggyback Forklift 

When buying an aftermarket piece of equipment, you should always inspect the whole thing to ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money. You should ensure that the inspection is thorough and all the parts are completely examined before you strike the deal. That is also true when you’re buying a Piggyback forklift. These machines are made robust because they have to lift and transport heavier loads from one place to another on the business site and warehouses. Still, their parts can incur damage or break down if not handled properly; they may include forks, masts and rails, lift chains and cylinders, brakes, safety features like seatbelts, and their frame and canopy. This article will discuss them in detail to provide you with some valuable information about inspecting these forklift parts. 

If you need to buy these used pieces of equipment, we suggest you get in touch with Bobby Park because they have durable, well-maintained, and thoroughly inspected machines. 

Machines Parts to Check When You Buy a Piggy Back Forklift


A forklift’s frame is its biggest part, helping it take on the heavy loads. It has to be checked carefully for rust, dents, or any other signs of damage. If not given due attention, the machine may lead to accidents while you drive it. The drive on a machine with a damaged frame can be unpredictable, endangering the operator and fellow workers around him. Inspecting the vehicle and cabin frame is also important when you buy a used flatbed truck for sale.


Never forget to check the forks of a forklift during the inspection. If they’re damaged, aftermarket forks are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and you should consider buying them as well. You have the choice to buy straight or s-shaped ones that can carry different types of pallets. If the machine can carry more weight, you should prioritize forks with tough tines, preferably made of steel that will not bend or break easily so that they don’t break.

Masts and Rails

The height of the forklift is important because it determines how high you can reach with its forks. The mast on a forklift will be mounted to the frame and should comprise sturdy material covered with anodized aluminum to prevent abrasion and corrosion. Some working parts like valves and bearings should also be checked before you buy a used forklift.

Lift Chains and Cylinders

Moffett’s use either cam-operated or air-operated lift cylinders to raise and lower their forks. You should inspect these parts for signs of leakage and chipping paint because if they fail, the machine won’t raise the forks enough to avoid collisions.

Brake System

A working forklift should have a properly functioning parking brake, which is very easy to test because you need to lift one end of the machine and press down on its wheels. If it doesn’t hold properly, the brake needs replacement or repair.

Seat Belts

Seat belts are standard safety features on every Moffett forklift, so it is necessary to check if they’re still in working condition before you buy the machine. Their purpose is to stop the operator from sliding off his seat when the machine suddenly slows down or stops abruptly.

In addition, you should check other working parts like headlights and tail lights because they’re important for the visibility of your machine. They’ll also help prevent accidents to drivers or pedestrians if you use them on public roads. Other essential things to consider are the weight limits of every part, such as the forks, mast, or rails. This way, you can ensure that you’re getting a machine that will do its job properly and safely.

If you want to buy a forklift from a reputable dealer, we suggest you get in touch with Bobby Park to get them and the answer to your questions. They provide durable and fully-functional machines and their parts. 

We have also created a small list of questions customers commonly ask. We suggest you read them to get additional information about the topic and make a rational buying decision. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drive a forklift on private land?

There is no restriction to drive and operate a Moffett forklift on private property without having a license. It should be made clear that the general public doesn’t have access to that property, and not many people are there when you drive it. 

What is forklift safety?

The essential Moffett forklift safety ensures that both the forks are well under the load you intend to lift. Also, ensure that it is balanced accurately on the forks and doesn’t lean toward any side. 

How much does a Moffett cost?

The price of the Moffett forklift varies depending on the model you choose. Furthermore, Moffett offers many different models. Some are very expensive, while others come at a much lower price. For instance, one of the most popular models is the M5000, and a used one may cost you about $18000. 

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