The Reality of Addiction and its recovery

Depressed man with alcoholism problem sitting in rehab center, group supporting him, free space

We’re a nation of addicts. Take a look around. There are people who smoke, drink and drug addicts, as well as gamblers who are degenerate. Additionally, there are more obscure examples: obsessive consumers, food addicts and workaholics who are addicted to videos or Twitter. When it comes to addiction, there’s endless possibilities. Why?

There’s no single drug rehab west virginia reason for this; clearly, genetics and brain physiology are a factor and so does the existence of numerous outlets for addiction-related urges. There’s a second reason less obvious and rooted in our perspective on our lives.

In Los Angeles, Phil Stutz is a psychiatrist. Barry Michels is a psychotherapist.

Modern people live with a paradox. We often believe that we are realists. Using the tools of science and logic we take pride in realizing our world in the way it is. However, when it comes down to our personal lives, all reality goes out of the out of the window. We’re children and believe in the magic of.

The belief in magic lies at the heart of every addiction. In the first place, addictions – whether to drugs, earning money shopping, etc.–are driven by a need for instant satisfaction. As the intensity of addiction increases, it becomes more difficult and more difficult to be content. Repeat the same behavior time and time again, but there is something missing from the satisfaction.

Who could solve his problems and transform his life.

What’s missing, and what we really want, is the magic. In the absence of realizing it, we’re hoping for that moment of happiness or excitement to be the gateway to an entirely new rehab centers near me world, a life of peace. But, unfortunately, it’s a place which doesn’t exist. The reality of life requires us to confront three things: pain anxiety, and the need to work constantly. Everyone, regardless of how rich or famous is exempt from these obligations. The most effective way to reveal the weaknesses of magic thinking is to study individuals who are successful. I once had an acquaintance an actor in his early years who was obsessed with taking on women and winning. They never pleased him, so rather than working on himself, he kept moving from one woman to the next. He believed that when he was a celebrity and became famous, he’d be able to meet that magic woman who could solve his problems and transform his life.

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