The Best Gaming Sports News Websites

Whether you’re a fan of sports cá độ bóng đá games, video games or both, there’s no shortage of gaming and sports news sites to follow. Luckily, though, there are some that are the best for the job. Here are some of the top sites, along with what you can expect to find on them.


Founded in 2002, GosuGamers is a global media outlet for eSports. Its main focus is on delivering high quality content. The portal provides comprehensive coverage of the latest tournaments and news from the esports world.

GosuGamers has a very user-friendly website. Its main feature is the GG (GosuGamers) Live Stats, which is a heat map of the tournaments being watched by users. This feature is useful as it provides real-time predictions during live tournaments.

The website also offers an online shop where users can purchase a wide range of esports-related items. Aside from this, users can also use browser extensions to avoid advertisements.

ESPN Esports

During the first two years of ESPN’s esports department, the organization was staffed with two reporters and two editors. Their primary focus was on games like League of Legends and Hearthstone. They occasionally included other contributing freelancers. They were also able to leverage a relationship with Reuters to produce editorial content.

While ESPN’s esports coverage has primarily been focused on MOBAs, it’s also begun covering other genres, such as Overwatch and Rocket League. In March, the network announced the first-ever ESPN Collegiate Esports Championship.


Probably the best known gaming website, Destructoid has a lot of clout to throw around. It’s a site for gamers of all stripes. In addition to its own games, it also offers up downloadable content for other games.

Destructoid is also known for its user generated content (UGC), which consists of a plethora of vlogs, blogs, and forum posts. Destructoid is also notable for its mascot, Mr. Destructoid, who has been active at press events for years. The site is also home to a bevy of well-known contributors including Gamergate, SlashGun, and the venerable gizmo.


Whether you are a professional gamer, an avid gamer, or just love playing video games, it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest news and information. To help you do just that, we’ve compiled a list of the best gaming sports news websites. These websites provide comprehensive coverage of video games and esports, allowing you to stay updated with the latest news, results, and discussion forums.

Bleacher Report is one of the best gaming sports news websites. Its home page features news and articles on professional sports. There are also sections on tennis, college football, and the National Basketball Association. In addition to sports, the site also covers politics, human rights, and other topics.


Founded in 2004 as a part of the Gawker Media network, Kotaku has evolved from a blog devoted to video game reviews to a site that delivers gaming news and tips to its subscribers. With a headquarters in New York City, the company works with developers and PR firms to deliver top-notch coverage of games and events.

The company has been known to make controversial claims and to write about topics that get a lot of attention in the media. Kotaku’s esports coverage is especially notable. The website has been a frequent source of derision online.

World Gaming Network

Founded in 1997 by Julie McLaughlin, the World Gaming

Whether you’re a fan of sports cá độ bóng đágames, video games or both, there’s no shortage of gaming and sports news sites to follow. Luckily, though, there are some that are the best for the job. Here are some of the top sites, along with what you can expect to find on them.

Network is a unique portal to the gaming community. The site offers a variety of gaming media including montages and play through series. It also offers valuable discounts on background checks.

The World Gaming Network’s best bet for your gaming fix is to sign up for a free account. Upon signing up, you’ll be given access to an online gaming library of over two hundred titles. For your next gaming fix, you’ll find slots, table games, and video poker machines.

GINX Esports TV

GINX Esports TV is the world’s largest eSports television network, and it is based out of London, UK. It’s been backed by UK broadcasters, including Sky and ITV, and broadcasts eSports content throughout the world. They have a strong programming line-up, including esports competitions, live coverage, documentary series, and original content. They also have a global reach, with programmes in ten languages, and available in 55+ million homes.

Ginx TV was founded by Alistair Gosling and Udi Shapira. Ginx TV originally aired on Challenge in the UK and Ireland in 2011. It was moved to BT Vision in the UK in 2011 and on Virgin Media in July 2013. It then launched in Romania in 2011, Turkey in 2013, and Spain in 2014. It’s currently broadcast in eleven languages in forty-one territories, including Canada, the US, and Australia.


‘theScore’ is a media app that delivers live sports scores, stats, and news. The app features a modern interface and provides users with a customized news feed. The app is available on iOS and Android devices. There are also chat functions.

The app is a great tool for sports enthusiasts and it’s easy to use. It has been around for over two decades and is a popular multi-sport news app in North America. The app also has a ‘Discover’ tab that allows users to discover new sports.

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