The 6 Best Free Apps for Creating Art from Photos

Artists may spend hours upon hours making masterpieces, but now you can do so in minutes. Can use your smartphone to turn any selfie or photo into an instant painting thanks to photo-to-painting apps.

You can choose from a huge selection of painting techniques thanks to stunning filters. Your gorgeous and original works will soon dazzle all of your friends, whether you use them as hanging wall prints or profile images.

Here are the top six apps for transforming photos into paintings.

Prisma Photo Editor

When you select a custom painting from photo and a filter in Prisma, the filter is applied immediately and a preview of the finished image is displayed. You may then move your finger left or right to indicate the intensity of the filter from 0 to 100 percent—at the time of writing, this intensity option was only accessible on iOS. You may also apply the filter simply to the backdrop or subject.

Everything You Need to Know About NFTs and Photography

NFTs are the newest cryptocurrency to garner all the attention in a world that is becoming more and more digital. This new technology is in the spotlight after breaking multiple records in sales earlier this year. A feature that can bring in hundreds or perhaps millions of dollars is concealed under this word.

Because news spreads quickly, it didn’t take long for the general public to become interested. NFTs quickly gained popularity.


It is non-fungible, which implies it cannot be swapped for anything of comparable worth. A token is a type of digital asset that is issued by a blockchain. A blockchain, on the other hand, is a system for recording information in such a way that it is difficult or impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system and also check this topposttoday.

According to Wikipedia, a non-fungible token (NFT) is a data element recorded on a blockchain that certifies a digital asset as being distinct and hence not interchangeable. NFTs can use to represent things like digital files for audio, video, and other media. However, the purchaser of the NFT is not the only person who can access any duplicate of the original file. Although these digital commodities may copied anybody, NFTs monitored on blockchains to provide the owner with evidence of ownership that is separate from copyright.


NFTs can used for a variety of purposes, but digital art and collectibles are what really drive the craziness behind these tokens. People began to recognize that a unique digital object, like a work of art, can have a significant monetary value due to its rarity. They open up a world of new opportunities in contemporary art for artists, buyers, and collectors alike.

A photograph can tokenize in the context of photography, and whoever owns the token also owns the tokenized photograph. It can viewed and photographed, for instance, but only one person owns it.

NFTs function as a certificate of authenticity by allowing authors to place a virtual signature on their digital works. As a work sold in the form of an NFT cannot be counterfeit. For photographers, each image becomes as distinct as a unique image number on a roll of film.

However, if the photographer is the author/creator, the purchaser of the NFT becomes the proprietor of the work. Which he may resell as he sees fit. A digital picture or even a film print may replicated. But if it is a limited/numbered edition or, in the case of the NFT, unique. It might command a high price.

Why photographs and NFTS complement one other well

The quality of screens and tools that exhibit images online is improving. And they now provide an exact portrayal of the work. This was not always the case. And it was preferable to view a print to truly appreciate the quality of a photograph.

Many NFTs are really just digital images. It easily saved on your computer with a right-click. So, what does an NFT have to offer, you ask? The exclusivity of ownership is where tokenized crypto art derives much of its value. Buyers receive the assurance of authenticity that comes with owning crypto art. Even though they may not be the ones with the copyright to it. Collectors, therefore, rely on the rarity or popularity of an artist when making investments in such a volatile market.

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