7 Things You Don’t Know About Scalp Micropigmentation 

Not to mention! You will feel confident when your looks are impressive. But if hair loss affects your eyes and lowers your morale, here is a way to fix it. You can go for SMP treatment, a modern approach to hair loss treatments. This is an intuitive procedure that can bring back your attractive looks. Today, scalp micropigmentation is gaining more and more popularity among those who have decided not to live with bald patches. But, before undergoing this procedure, you must know some essential things about it. You might need to be conscious of them beforehand. Stay focused by reading seven things you might not know about SMP.

7 things about the scalp micropigmentation

1. It is permanent

The word permanent here refers to the effectiveness of this treatment that you can witness yourself. It is familiarly known as hairline tattooing and is used to cover bald patches. If you have visible bald spots on the head, they can be covered with SMP. A hair surgeon would add natural pigments to your scalp to match the skin. These pigments will take place as cropped-cut hair follicles. After the procedure, you will feel that you have got your hair back. The pigments used for this treatment are made of superior-quality ink. Thus, they will stay strong to maintain the results. It could take 2-3 years before fading of pigments takes place.

2. SMP is inexpensive

SMP hair costs for a single session range from 500 to 1000 dollars. However, the cost may increase with the extent of hair loss or the area to be covered. But you can still get it done at significantly lower prices than surgical hair restoration. It is a pocket-friendly treatment that you can easily afford to gain fruitful results.

3. SMP won’t grow hair

Scalp micropigmentation is like a hairline tattoo which can only create deception of a natural hairline. The treatment uses high-end pigments to mark the black dots resembling buzz-cut hairs. But it cannot grow your hair back once they have gone. Therefore, you must know it is not a hair growth treatment like surgical hair implants or other hair growth serums.

4. Quick results

You can witness instant results with SMP treatment once you leave the service provider’s clinic. However, it would help if you put sunscreen on the scalp to avoid sun exposure to the treated site. It will prevent fading of the pigments and can maintain the results longer. But unlike traditional hair restorations, SMP would take little time to showcase outcomes. It requires zero time to depict the expected results and can stay longer.

5. It is safe

SMP is safer than surgical procedures, which can leave visible side effects. Because of this, this treatment is getting popular. If you have a phobia of undergoing stitches and scissors, you should avoid surgical hair restoration. Scalp micropigmentation is a safe treatment that does not use stitches or make scalp cuts. Also, it is a fast recoverable procedure as you do not have to take a week off from work.

6. No more wigs

Once you have attained scalp micropigmentation, you can forever say goodbye to wigs and hairpieces. SMP will cover your scalp with dotted pigments to reflect natural looking follicles. Hence, you will not have to hide your scalp with embarrassment from others. Also, this procedure will save you money as you can spend less on oils, serums, and other haircare products. With a meager SMP hair cost, you can achieve desired results.

7. Scars camouflage

This treatment is effective in terms of hiding the bald scalp. However, you might not know that it can conceal scars on your scalp. If you have scars from injuries, you can hide them with pigmentation that matches your skin color. Also, you can consider this treatment after the strip method of hair implant. The strip method could leave a linear scar on the donor site. Hence, SMP is an effective treatment for hiding scars.

To sum up

SMP treatment is undoubtedly an innovative approach with a less-invasive hair gain procedure. It can restore the natural-looking results of your hair with pigments. You won’t have to feel guilty about getting scalp micropigmentation. Also, it is a less costly approach to achieve finer results for hair restoration. Schedule your appointment with an expert to get this treatment done right now. Consider telling your specific needs for SMP to get the expected results.

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