Sitting instead of Standing: This is how the hoverboard becomes a hoverkart

Why a hoverboard seat makes riding so easy

When the first hoverboards uk hit the market a few years ago, they quickly found fans. The driver stands upright on two small platforms. The electronically powered board is controlled and accelerated by shifting your weight. That takes some practice. But once you get the hang of it, you will quickly be amazed by this original way of getting around.

In order to make it easier for users, some manufacturers finally came up with the idea: why not offer a hoverboard to sit on or create an easy way to retrofit it? With a hoverboard seat, there is no balance problem and the risk of falling is reduced. And it’s more convenient too.

Hoverboards are becoming more and more popular not only among children, but also among adults . You can now buy a seat for your conventional board to convert from numerous online retailers . You can also find what you are looking for in stationary retail, for example in some electronics stores. The assembly is quite simple and can be done quickly in a few simple steps.

Hoverboard with seat: Assembly is that easy

The hoverboard seat, together with two handlebars, is attached to the right and left of the board’s base. This is usually done with the help of simple clips or (rarely) with Velcro straps. The seat and other accessories are usually offered as a complete conversion set. This also includes footrests and a third wheel for the front part. They are connected to the hoverboard seat via a rod.

Hoverkart: You should pay attention to this when buying

Cheap products are often offered, especially on the Internet, which you will probably not enjoy for long. They are usually not particularly stable. A good hoverboard kart can carry people weighing more than 100 kilograms , some models even up to 120 kilograms. In addition, the frame should be adjustable so that it can be individually adapted to the respective body size. And: the larger the front wheel, the easier it is to steer.

Even if you are not allowed to use a hoverboard on public roads, seats with LED lighting are recommended for safety reasons. The lights can also be retrofitted if necessary. You can achieve greater driving comfort if you choose a model with an ergonomically shaped seat . A hoverboard seat with suspension also reduces stress on the lumbar region and helps prevent back pain.

How to get your hoverkart going

When the hoverboard seat and the associated linkage are mounted, you sit on the kart in a similar way to a recumbent bike. However, you don’t set your hoverboard kart in motion with muscle power, but with the two rods on the right and left of the seat, which control the electric drive. To go straight, push both bars down at the same time. Accordingly, you pull them backwards when you want to drive backwards or brake.

You steer the board with the two side levers. To turn right, push down on the left bar and pull the right bar toward you. To the left, of course, it works the other way around. This sounds more complicated than it is, you’ll get the hang of it quickly! By the way: There are also hoverboard seats with a classic steering wheel. The right hoverboard feeling is created by the lever steering.

This is how you increase the fun with the hoverboard with seat

On level terrain you can fully enjoy the maneuverability of your new hoverkart. With a few tricks you can even increase the driving pleasure, for example with so-called wheelies. The front wheel hovers in the air. You do this by pushing the side levers forward and leaning your upper body back in the seat. Professionals even cover longer distances in this position!

Fast drifting around a corner that is as tight as possible can also put you in a good mood. It is best to only try this on a smooth or slightly damp surface, as this protects the tyres. And of course, when having fun of this kind, always wear a safety helmet, elbow and knee pads!

Hoverboards: Traffic approval is not in sight

With a hoverboard seat riding fun on the board becomes safer and more comfortable Segway Christmas Sale but there won’t be any approval for road traffic in the foreseeable future. On private property on the other hand, you can let off steam to your heart’s content with your hover-kart.

Why are hoverboards not allowed to be used on streets and sidewalks? Although lights can be retrofitted, public transport remains a no-go area for hoverboards with and without a seat. You should also check whether your private liability insurance covers damage that could occur while driving.

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