Sharon Deflorio Offers Fashion Tips to Look Flawless During the Fall

During the summer, most people look to the natural breezy vibes of the season to inspire their daily outfits. Come fall, they get ready to trade the cotton and linens for denim, cashmere, and suede. Being a transitional time, fall offers a lot of fashion opportunities.

Sharon Deflorio mentions that it can be a great time to flaunt amazing jackets, baggy jeans, and knit vests. Stylish boots and bags also help in creating the perfect autumnal look

Sharon Deflorio provides a few valuable fashion pointers for the Fall

First of all, one needs to invest in a go-to piece of fall outerwear. It can be a denim jacket, cashmere cardigan, plaid flannel shirt, or even a leather jacket. The goal would be to have a versatile piece of outerwear that can be paired with multiple outfits. For easy layering, it will be better to select an item that is lightweight enough to be wrapped around the waist or stuffed in a tote. The fall coat does not have to be as warm as the winter coat. Therefore, fall outerwear selection can be ideal for playing with fashion trends.

After getting the outerwear, it will be time to find the ideal pair of boots. As the weather becomes cooler, one must swap their sandals for boots. Heeled knee-high boots or suede ankle boots can easily be paired with a denim skirt or summer dress for an amazing fall-ready look.

With a bit of smart layering, one can wear many of their summer outfits in the fall. For instance, crop tops can be paired with high-waist jeans and a cardigan. A slip dress can be worn over a black turtleneck and leggings as well. Most summer dresses can be layered over a short- or long-sleeve top.  In addition to layering the summer outfits, as the fall comes, one should also bring out some of their winter garments. Autumn nights are ideal for cozy winter basics like corduroy pants and turtleneck sweaters. Chunky knits and oversized blazers can be paired with midi skirts to avoid overheating. People who stuck to light hues during the summers to beat the heat should consider wearing brighter and darker colors for fall.

Sharon Deflorio underlines that fall can be a perfect time to flaunt suits and other work-wear staples. A lot of these items are not worn during the summer, as people prefer to dress more casually in the heat. As the fall sets in, one can go to work in a blazer with a fitted white T-shirt and a midi skirt cinched with a belt. Dressing well for work can often make the workdays feel a bit better.

Fall is ideal for wearing flannel, denim, and corduroy, which might be too heavy for summer. These fabrics are well suited to the windy weather of fall. One must note that wide-leg jeans allow for more airflow. On the other hand, straight-leg and skinny jeans prevent wind chill. Hence, one can go with the denim options best suited for the weather in their locality.

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