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Individual Development Team members have been approaching Steven, the Scrum Master, to complain about Chris. Chris has the most experience on the system they are building. He often Question:s the choices team members make in design and architecture making them feel bad.
What are two good ways for Steven to address this problem? (Choose two.)

  • A. Steven takes the time between Sprints to organize a team building session to build a stronger relationship.
  • B. Steven shares his concerns with Chris and the impact on the other team members and that he should be a team player.
  • C. Steven suggests facilitating a session with the full team to help resolve the issue.
  • D. Steven observes whether this topic is raised at the Sprint Retrospective. If not, then he checks with the team on how comfortable they are with the way the design and architecture is being handled.
  • E. Steven tells the concerned members that Chris’ opinions should be respected as he has the most experience and understands what is best for long term sustainability.

Answer: C,D

Conflicts are a natural occurrence and the Scrum Master coaches the Development Team on the value of resolving conflicts. Leaving conflicts unresolved can impact the Scrum values of openness and respect diminishing trust. Lower trust levels will impact the Scrum Team’s effectiveness and can cause impediments in the future. It is the responsibility of the Scrum Master to remove impediments that hinder the team through conflict resolution and facilitation.


What factors are best considered when defining the Sprint length?

  • A. The level of expertise over the technology to be used, ability to release an Increment to the end users, and the risk of being disconnected from the stakeholders.
  • B. Having consistent Sprint length across all Scrum Teams.
  • C. How often team membership changes and the size of the Development Team.

Answer: A


If burndown charts are used to visualize progress, what does a trendline through a release burndown chart indicate?

  • A. When the project will be over if the Product Owner removes work that is equal in effort to any new work that is added.
  • B. The evolution of the return of investment on the project.
    The trendline is based on the team’s average velocity and the projective completion to zero is based on the team’s velocity. The burndown chart is a helpful tool for Development Teams to self-manage BUT it is not mandatory as the teams will decide the best way to manage their own progress and promote transparency.
  • C. When the work remaining is projected to be completed if nothing changes on the Product Backlog or Development Team.
  • D. When all work will be completed so the Scrum Team can start work on a new Product Backlog.

Answer: C



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