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A game development company operates several virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) games which use various RESTful web APIs hosted on their on-premises data center. Due to the unprecedented growth of their company, they decided to migrate their system to AWS Cloud to scale out their resources as well to minimize costs.
Which of the following should you recommend as the most cost-effective and scalable solution to meet the above requirement?

  • A. Use a Spot Fleet of Amazon EC2 instances, each with an Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) for more consistent latency and higher network throughput. Set up an Application Load Balancer to distribute traffic to the instances.
  • B. Use AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway.
  • C. Host the APIs in a static S3 web hosting bucket behind a CloudFront web distribution.
  • D. Set up a micro-service architecture with ECS, ECR, and Fargate.

Answer: B

With AWS Lambda, you pay only for what you use. You are charged based on the number of requests for your functions and the duration, the time it takes for your code to execute.
Lambda counts a request each time it starts executing in response to an event notification or invoke call, including test invokes from the console. You are charged for the total number of requests across all your functions.
Duration is calculated from the time your code begins executing until it returns or otherwise terminates, rounded up to the nearest 1ms. The price depends on the amount of memory you allocate to your function. The Lambda free tier includes 1M free requests per month and over 400,000 GB-seconds of compute time per month.

The best possible answer here is to use a combination of AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway because this solution is both scalable and cost-effective. You will only be charged when you use your Lambda function, unlike having an EC2 instance that always runs even though you don’t use it. Hence, the correct answer is: Use AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway.
Setting up a micro-service architecture with ECS, ECR, and Fargate is incorrect because ECS is mainly used to host Docker applications, and in addition, using ECS, ECR, and Fargate alone is not scalable and not recommended for this type of scenario.
Hosting the APIs in a static S3 web hosting bucket behind a CloudFront web distribution is not a suitable option as there is no compute capability for S3 and you can only use it as a static website. Although this solution is scalable since uses CloudFront, the use of S3 to host the web APIs or the dynamic website is still incorrect.
The option that says: Use a Spot Fleet of Amazon EC2 instances, each with an Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) for more consistent latency and higher network throughput. Set up an Application Load Balancer to distribute traffic to the instances is incorrect. EC2 alone, without Auto Scaling, is not scalable. Even though you use Spot EC2 instance, it is still more expensive compared to Lambda because you will be charged only when your function is being used. An Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) is simply a network device that you can attach to your Amazon EC2 instance that enables you to achieve the application performance of an on-premises HPC cluster, with scalability, flexibility, and elasticity provided by the AWS Cloud. Although EFA is scalable, the Spot Fleet configuration of this option doesn’t have Auto Scaling involved.
Check out this AWS Lambda Cheat Sheet:
EC2 Container Service (ECS) vs Lambda:


A company wants to migrate its existing on-premises monolithic application to AWS.
The company wants to keep as much of the front- end code and the backend code as possible. However, the company wants to break the application into smaller applications. A different team will manage each application. The company needs a highly scalable solution that minimizes operational overhead.
Which solution will meet these requirements?

  • A. Host the application with AWS Amplify. Connect the application to an Amazon API Gateway API that is integrated with AWS Lambda.
  • B. Host the application on Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) Set up an Application Load Balancer with Amazon ECS as the target.
  • C. Host the application on AWS Lambda Integrate the application with Amazon API Gateway.
  • D. Host the application on Amazon EC2 instances. Set up an Application Load Balancer with EC2 instances in an Auto Scaling group as targets.

Answer: B



A company has a dynamic web application hosted on two Amazon EC2 instances. The company has its own SSL certificate, which is on each instance to perform SSL termination.
There has been an increase in traffic recently, and the operations team determined that SSL encryption and decryption is causing the compute capacity of the web servers to reach their maximum limit.
What should a solutions architect do to increase the application’s performance?

  • A. Create another EC2 instance as a proxy server Migrate the SSL certificate to the new instance and configure it to direct connections to the existing EC2 instances
  • B. Create a new SSL certificate using AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) install the ACM certificate on each instance
  • C. Import the SSL certificate into AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) Create an Application Load Balancer with an HTTPS listener that uses the SSL certificate from ACM
  • D. Create an Amazon S3 bucket Migrate the SSL certificate to the S3 bucket Configure the EC2 instances to reference the bucket for SSL termination

Answer: C

“With AWS Certificate Manager, you can quickly request a certificate, deploy it on ACM-integrated AWS resources, such as Elastic Load Balancers, Amazon CloudFront distributions, and APIs on API Gateway, and let AWS Certificate Manager handle certificate renewals. It also enables you to create private certificates for your internal resources and manage the certificate lifecycle centrally.”



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