Police reflective chevron stripe is a retro-reflective sheeting material. It applies onto aluminum or galvanized iron substrate, having alternate diagonal color stripes. Chevrons are a necessity when it comes to Emergency medical services vehicles. It is also essential for fire, law enforcement, or public works cars. Additionally, police reflective chevron is necessary for identification, especially at night. Approximately 50 percent of the rear-facing surface of the vehicle must cover with reflective strips in a chevron pattern. Furthermore, the sloping downward design from the center of the vehicle at 45 degrees is an efficient way to reduce rear-end collisions of different cars and prevent road traffic accidents. Reflective chevron products commonly use on fire trucks, guard rails, tractors. The products are use in military equipment gates, bikes, dumpsters, emergency vehicles, and police cars.

A police reflective chevron places low on the rear of the police mobile at the level of headlights. Moreover, these are apparent reflective strips available in different colors. Commonly they include black and white, red and white, red and yellow, and black and yellow. 

Police reflective chevron stripe

Firstly, police reflective chevron strips provide nighttime safety and add style. Secondly, police reflective chevron strips enhance the maintenance, utility, and visibility of a police mobile or any other emergency transport. Additionally, the regular pattern is of dark and light color to increase the conspicuity for the human eye. Daylight fluorescent is the more golden color for better visibility during daytime, dusk, and dawn. Furthermore, for better vision at night, the complete pattern is retro-reflective. Moreover, these mirroring marking strips can help automobiles drive carefully, keeping them safe from any unfortunate incident.

History of high visibility markings

Battenburg markings, developed in the United Kingdom in the 1990s, are high-visibility markings. Today, it may see on many types of emergency service vehicles exist in the UK, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Romania, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and many more. In conclusion, the primary objectives of the police reflective chevron are:

  • The objective is to make vehicles more conspicuous to reduce the likelihood of road traffic accidents.
  • Providing police mobile high visibility and make them recognizable at a distance of up to 500 meters.
  • It provides reassurance that an emergency vehicle can offer someone help in a crisis.
  • To be accepted by at least 75% of the staff.
  • To mark police cars distinctively on a national level.

The Battenburg design typically has two horizontal rows of alternating rectangles, usually starting from yellow, followed by alternate colors. Regarding achieving the most crucial goal of clearly identifying police mobiles, the pattern was reminiscent of the “Sillitoe tartan” black and white chequered markings, introduced by the City of Glasgow Police and later adopted by the United Kingdom as a symbol of police services.

Specifications of police reflective chevron:

  • Police reflective chevron has a prismatic reflective technology for high visibility at night.
  • Its durability is approximately 6 to 8 years.
  • Additionally, it is also available in colors include black, white, red, orange, yellow, and green in an alternate pattern.
  • Different lengths and width sizes are accessible depending on the requirement, but each strip should not be less than 150mm in width. In addition, it must be angled upwards between 45 and 60 degrees.
  • Police reflective chevron must be easy to apply and remove and have high retro-reflectivity at wide angles.
  • A good quality reflective stripe must have a laminate protective film to prevent them from fading.
  • In conclusion, reflective chevron stripes or marking tapes should improve conspicuity and reduce collisions.

Reflective shadow chevron

Shadow (Ghost) chevron panels for transport design to blend into a black or white automobile. They are almost invisible in the daytime but highly reflective and visible at night. Furthermore, these Ghost chevrons manufacture with vinyl using Oralite Rapid Air Fleet reflective film, a material used worldwide for its reflectivity and adhesion. When hit with a light source from behind, Ghost graphics emit a bright white color, making the police mobile distinguishable from a long distance.


An eye-catching police reflective chevron may print on high-quality vinyl. The vinyl provides easy adhesion and great eminence. The product’s price range depends upon the material’s quality, size, and the number of sheets or pieces needed for a specific vehicle. The market value ranges from $59.99 and exceeds $100. The available sizes are six and eight pieces, with the slants on the stripes two or four inches apart. The four-inch panels have a total length of 64 inches, and the two-inch spaced board has a height of 70 inches. Material can be trimmed with a scissor according to the requirement and has an easy application with a single-time use. 


Police reflective chevron is one of the most recommended ways to enhance the visibility of police cars and to assure their safety. These police reflective chevrons add extra visibility to the rear of vehicles, making them easily noticeable from about a distance of 500 meters. In addition, their retro-reflective, micro-prismatic sheeting design emits a bright white light during the night and prevents automobiles from severe incidents. Every chevron is laminated for UV protection, creating a durable solution to keep the crew safe. Along with the police mobile, the reflective chevron may use on multiple emergency service transportation to add a practical conspicuity feature and make them easily detectable from far away.

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