Points To Consider While Buying Cannabis Flower From A Weed Store 

Purchasing a cannabis flower is daunting, as when you enter the weed store in Toronto, you are offered various products. 

Most people, while selecting cannabis, opt for the product they get attracted to instead of making a rational purchase. However, they forget they get the best experience from the product they buy after proper research: THC percentage, strain name, flower variety, and lastly, price. 

However, although all the features help you specify the product, it still lacks the quality of the product. 

Does not matter if you are a beginner or want to know how to identify a good quality cannabis flower. The characteristics are mentioned to find the fine quality flower:

Quality is not just THC

It is not just the THC that defines the quality of cannabis flowers; it is the intricate arrangements of cannabinoids and terpenes. This complex disposition is called the entourage effect, and after consumption, has a high and enjoyable experience, as it provides a robust and well-rounded effect.

Terpenes and cannabinoids’ variety is deficient in the THC-assertive flower, and the result it dispenses is one-dimensional, limited, and even triggers anxiety. Suppose, if a strain has 20% THC, then it will cause a severe headache. 

On the contrary, having a higher CBD ratio results in fewer psychoactive effects.

Alas, the product’s label also lacks the substances that make it a vague expression to the consumer. Well, not every company mentions the products’ details on the label, but there are still ways to figure out the quality of the cannabis flower.

Characteristics of cannabis


Smell plays a pivotal role in selecting cannabis flowers from a cannabis dispensary in Toronto. You will relish the strain of that flower whose smell you like the most. Due to the terpene level, the strains have a different smell. However, the flowers have a vigorous, earthy, fruity, or floral smell. On the other hand, the low-quality flower has a rotten and decayed smell. 


Since the effect of each strain has varied effects, it is, however, inevitable to research the result. Though it will influence individuality, it is always recommended to have a good knowledge of the product. Stay away from the products that hasten your mind’s working, if you have anxiety issues.


Bright green to deep purple are the colors that high-quality cannabis flowers have. Inquire or smell the flower, if it catches your attention in the marijuana dispensary in Toronto. You’ll find crystals, known as trichomes, on the bud. The more the number, the more the smell, flavor, or effect it produces.  

Flower structure

The flower having a higher sativa-strain has the shape and anatomy and tends to be light and furry. On the other hand, the structure Indica has a thick and condensed structure. 

However, the experience may vary from the strain you opt for.

While cultivating the flower, if the plant growth regulators are followed it may have a rock-hard flower with a nasty taste. 

If the flower has a fluffy appearance, it shows the plant has not received proper sunlight.


Consult your budtender about the popular strain among various other cannabis lovers. Try to know the reason why it is loved by so many people. If you get to know the reason and feel satisfied with it then give it a try. Who knows, it will become your favorite!

Final words

It is always in the interest of the weed lover to do proper research about the strain before making a purchase. Selecting the wrong strain can cause side-effects, so understanding the strain level is a must. 

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