Playing Heardle Player Game – Everything You Should Know

Worlde is a very popular world guessing game which has given life tpo many other guessing games and Swiftle is one of these games. It is a game which is made specifically on Taylor Swift and it also works as like wordle and heardle. 

So, if you are also a Taylor Swift fan and you hear to her music then this game will be a delightful game for you. 

In the fine lines by the developer of the game we can see him saying that this is a graceful tribute to Taylor Swift and is also inspired by Heardle and Wordle. 

The game is not that easy if you are thinking so as there are multiple challenges and it provides you with a chance to prove how big fan you are. 

In this guide we are going to tell you about the game, its basic rules and how you can play this game so that you can play the Heardle taylor style game. 

What is Swiflte Game?

It is a game which is similar to Heardle where you have to gudess the song with the minimum attempts you have, however the game has some different twists which make the game more interesting by limiting the attempts which are 6. 

This game can be cited as an indie revamp of the original Heardle and it is exclusively for the Taylor Swift fans. The developer of the game named Spart Tyagi is also a big Taylor swift fan and hence developed the game pretty well. 

Playing Taylor Swift Wordle/ Heardle

There are not many strict rules for the game, as the main motive of the game is to guess the song within the six attempts which are provided to you. 

However, you will find the game more challenging as it only provided you with a second video clip and you are supposed to identify the song using it. 

Here is a little guide using which you can know about this game – 

First of all you are supposed to open the game on your web browser and for this you can use your PC or your mobile device browser. 

Now, you have to open the game and then you have to click on the play button and as soon as you will hit on it the song will be played for you for one second and in that one second you have to identify the song. 

You have to type in the name of the song and then press on enter button on little mix heardle game. You will get a total number of six songs which you have to guess and you will get a game score for it. 

Once you play a session of the game and then you need to wait for next days for a new quiz which means you will get one chance to play the game. 

So, it is quite challenging to play the game but along with challenge you will also have fun and enjoy the game.

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