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Download Oracle Cloud Platform Digital Assistant 2022 Professional Exam Dumps

When testing your skill, you notice that two of its intents consistently rank as the top two, resolving within just a few points of each other.
Given the unpredictable nature of which intent gets the top score, what would you do to allow the skill user to choose the correct intent?

  • A. Keep adding training data until you get a predictable result every time.
  • B. For each intent, create an entity of phrases that are distinct to each intent, and add the appropriate entity to the corresponding intent.
  • C. Change the Explicit Invocation Threshold to zero to ensure that the correct intent is picked up when the user mentions the name of the intent.
  • D. Change the Confidence Win Margin so that both intents are offered to the user.
  • E. Change the Confidence Threshold during your testing until the correct intent always wins.

Answer: C


Considerthis codesnippet:

Whichtwostatementsaboutthis codearetrue?

  • A. This codesnippet supports only onevariableasa returnvalue fromthe webapplication.When therearemultiplereturnvalues,they needtobecomma-separated.Forexample:
  • B. The webappreturns twovalues and willstoretheminthefullnameandamountvariables,respectively.
  • C. If thewebappreturnsanyvalues,theSystem.webviewcomponentwillstorethemintheoutputfromwebvariable.
  • D. Thesystem.webviewcomponent acts a gateway to

Answer: C,D


Which two components can be used in combination with composite bag entities to auto-generate skill responses and flows from definitions saved in bag items?

  • A. System.Text
  • B. System.List
  • C. System.MatchEntity
  • D. System.ResolveEntities
  • E. System.CommonResponse

Answer: D,E



You have gone through a number of testing iterations of your customer’s skill that comprises 10 intents. But you find that generally the best you can get is a confidencescore of 96%, even when the user phrase is identical to one of your training utterances.
What should you recommend to your customer regarding this intent confidence score?

  • A. Add more utterances to the unresolvedlntent.
  • B. It is not always possible to achieve 100%confidence and adding more utterances may not help the problem. Therefore, do not make further changes to the skill if it is performing to your expectations.
  • C. For every verb in your training utterances, ensure you add a version of the utterance which also covers the past, present, and future tense of the verb.
  • D. Keep iterating on user testing and add more training utterances until you can achieve a confidence level of 100% on your user input.
  • E. The highest possible confidence with 10 intents is 10% (100% divided by the number of intents).So, no further changes to the skill are required.

Answer: E


To translate output messages, you created a resource bundle in your skill. The resource bundle contains an orderConfirmation key with the following message:
Thanks {0} for your order. Your order of a {1} is no its way.
In your dialog flow, you have a variable rb of type resourcesBundle defined. In additional, you defined a variable pizzaType holding the type of the pizza(for example, Salami) and a variable pizzaSize holding the size of the Pizza ( for example , large).




  • A. Option B
  • B. Option D
  • C. Option C
  • D. Option A

Answer: D



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