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We will provide you with three different versions, the PDF version allow you to switch our DVA-C01 study torrent on paper, They have a lot of questions and some of these questions are outdated and worthless.

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Download AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Exam Dumps

A company is creating a REST service using an Amazon API Gateway with AWS Lambda integration. The service must run different versions for testing purposes.
What would be the BEST way to accomplish this?

  • A. Use an X-Version header to denote which version is being called and pass that header to the Lambda function(s)
  • B. Deploy the API versions as unique stages with unique endpoints and use stage variables to provide further context
  • C. Create an API Gateway resource policy to isolate versions and provide context to the Lambda function(s)
  • D. Create an API Gateway Lambda authorizer to route API clients to the correct API version

Answer: A

The service run different versions for testing purposes. means different stages, stage variable is the way to go.


A company has a large number of documents that are stored securely in Amazon S3 The company is creating an application that occasionally will read these documents The application will be deployed on Amazon EC2 instances.
The company’s security requirements mandate that no long-term credentials can be stored on the EC2 instances and that only the needed documents can be accessed Only authorized users and applications can access the documents access must be logged by Amazon S3, and each document must follow S3 Lifecycle policies for archival and destruction What should a developer do to meet these requirements?

  • A. Create an event to invoke an AWS Lambda function when a document is uploaded Configure the function to write the documents to an Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) file system Configure the EC2 instances to mount the EFS file system Configure the application to access the documents that are stored m the file system as needed
  • B. Create a user that has programmatic credentials, and attach a policy that allows read access to the S3 bucket Use the AWS CLI to configure those credentials for the EC2 instances to use Create an Amazon Machine Image (AMI), and add the access key and secret access key to the user data section to create environment variables Use the AMI to launch each EC2 instance that runs the application Add application code to use the keys that are stored in the environment variables to access the S3 bucket objects as needed.
  • C. Modify the S3 bucket, make the bucket public, and make each object public Add application code to make REST calls to access the objects in the S3 bucket as needed
  • D. Create an IAM role with permissions to read objects from Amazon S3 Attach the role to the EC2 instances as an instance profile Add application code to access the objects in the S3 bucket as needed.

Answer: D


An AWS Lambda function must access an external site by using a regularly rotated user name and password. These items must be kept securely and cannot be stored in the function code.
What combination of AWS services can be used to accomplish this? (Choose two.)

  • A. AWS Certificate Manager (ACM)
  • B. AWS KMS
  • C. AWS Trusted Advisor
  • D. AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store
  • E. Amazon GuardDuty

Answer: B,D


A Developer is working on an application that tracks hundreds of millions of product reviews in an Amazon DynamoDB table. The records include the data elements shown in the table:

Which field, when used as the partition key, would result in the MOST consistent performance using DynamoDB?

  • A. reviewID
  • B. comment
  • C. productID
  • D. starRating

Answer: C

Refer AWS documentation – DynamoDB Design partition key
The partition key portion of a table s primary key determines the logical partitions in which a table’s data is stored. This in turn affects the underlying physical partitions. Provisioned I/O capacity for the table is divided evenly among these physical partitions. Therefore a partition key design that doesn’t distribute I/O requests evenly can create “hot” partitions that result in throttling and use your provisioned I/O capacity inefficiently.
The optimal usage of a table’s provisioned throughput depends not only on the workload patterns of individual items, but also on the partition-key design. This doesn t mean that you must access all partition key values to achieve an efficient throughput level, or even that the percentage of accessed partition key values must be high. It does mean that the more distinct partition key values that your workload accesses, the more those requests will be spread across the partitioned space. In general, you will use your provisioned throughput more efficiently as the ratio of partition key values accessed to the total number of partition key values increases.


A developer is working on an AWS Lambda function that accesses Amazon DynamoDB The Lambda function must retrieve an item and update some of its attributes. or create the item if it does not exist The Lambda function has access to the primary key.
Which IAM permissions should the developer request for the Lambda function to achieve this functionality’?

  • A. dynamodb:Updateltem
  • B. dynamodb:Updateltem
  • C. dynamcdb:GetRecords
  • D. dynaracdb:DeleteItem

Answer: C




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