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No matter whether you’ve performed Netgear WiFi extender 6120 setup or have installed another incredible extender model by Netgear, you need to manage it. And that won’t be possible if you don’t access its dashboard via This article is based on resolving the issues that one might face while experiencing the extender’s default URL. Therefore, if you are someone who has been struggling to fix the not working issue, then read this post to get it resolved.

No need to mention that the web address we’re discussing here belongs to every Netgear extender model using which you will be able to access its settings. Thus, without any delay, start walking through the hacks mentioned below and getting the problem resolved like you were never facing it.

Why is Not Working?

Knowing about the culprits behind the issue will provide you with the ability to get it fixed from the core. Therefore, before jumping up to troubleshooting techniques, we want you to learn the reasons why the default web address of your Netgear range extender is not working for you.

You’ve Made a Wrong URL Entree

When it comes to the web address entrée, a lot of users commit two mistakes. Firstly, they use the search bar of the web browser to access Secondly, they put the incorrect web address to use which lead them to nothing but the mywifiext not working issue.

Outdated Browser

An outdated web browser can also be the reason why you are unable to make it to the admin page of your wireless extender via its default web URL. Know that using outdated web browsers not only restricts access to the extender’s web address but also to other websites.

Technical Glitches

You cannot ignore technical glitches whenever an issue occurs in relation to the Netgear extender. The reason being the extender falls under the same category and hence has to follow the rules of the technical realm. Technical glitches also possess the power of taking your extender’s performance to zero.

So, these were the topmost reasons why users are unable to access the settings of their range extender via its default web address However, you need to ensure that you are not using this very URL on a MAC device. It is because the devices running on iOS support the use of the mywifiext.local URL. In addition, you need to ensure that you are accessing a blazing-fast internet connection and that your computer is free of viruses. Also, be certain that your WiFi devices [extender and host router] are sharing a stable and secure connection no matter whether you’ve connected them using a wired or wireless source.

[Fixed] Not Working

  1. Make the Correct URL Entrée

The default URL of your Netgear WiFi device must be entered into the address bar of the web browser only. In addition, you must type it carefully. A single character mistake and you will get deprived of reaching the setup wizard.

  1. Upgrade the Web Browser

Updating the web browser in the use to its latest software version can also help you fix the working issue. Therefore, without wasting a second, consider making a way to the settings section of the browser and updating it if a new version is available. Additionally, delete unnecessary files from the web browser. It will ensure that the web browser runs smoothly while you try to access the extender’s web-based management console.

  1. Restart the Extender

It is time that you get rid of technical glitches. For this, no other idea can be better than restarting the extender. Therefore, switch off your wireless extender and unplug it from the power socket. Now, wait for as long as you can. Once you realize that the extender has been given enough time to rest, consider powering it up after connecting it to its respective wall socket.

Additional Tips:

  • Consider updating the OS of your computer. There is a possibility that a pending OS update is pushing you into the mess of the not working address. You can update the OS of your computer by accessing its settings.
  • Make sure that your Netgear range extender and the host router are not placed too far. Otherwise, they won’t be able to communicate wirelessly. However, this distance can’t be made too less either.

That’s all you can do if you are getting the not working issue while trying to log in to your range extender. Although you will be able to resolve the problem using the information provided above, a hundred to one-shot, if you fail, reset your range extender. There is a possibility that an outdated firmware of the extender is not letting you access its settings. In that scenario, resetting the extender and reconfiguring it will be the only solution you’re left with.

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