5 Steps To Apply For An Ohio Medical Marijuana Card

A medical marijuana card is your legal permission to buy and use cannabis as a resident of Ohio. This card will enable medicinal marijuana to be legally possessed by you. Marijuana in the Buckeye State is only accessible to individuals suffering from certain illnesses. If you think of using marijuana for recreational purposes, it is entirely illegal. Therefore, you only have to obtain it via Ohio medical card. Attaining this card will not only give you obstruction-free access to weed but also protect your rights. You can prove to be authorized to use various medical CBD products. This post will teach you five steps to applying for an Ohio MMJ card. So, keep reading this post to the end.

Requirements for MMJ card in Ohio

Before you scroll down to read out the steps for obtaining the card, you should know the eligibility requirements. To apply for a medical marijuana card in Ohio, you must:

  • A minimum age of 18 is required
  • A minor with an adult caregiver
  • Legally residing in Ohio
  • diagnosed by a certified medical marijuana physician.

5 Steps to Apply For an Medical Marijuana Card

Step I

You should seek a medical marijuana physician to get patient certification for cannabis products. The physician will evaluate your health to determine if you need the certificate for medical marijuana use. For eligibility, you must suffer from one of the listed medical illnesses by the Ohio medical board. Your physician will create your profile in the program by submitting your proof of residency.

Step II

After the physician’s approval, you will get an activation link via email. This link will be related to the online portal of the Ohio medical marijuana program. So, you can click on the link to create your registry password under the program. Remember, the link will remain active for 90 days and can be used only once. You should also verify the details submitted by the doctor to the program before proceeding with Ohio medical card application.

Step III

Once you successfully create the patient registry, you can pay for the OH MMJ card. The fee for the card by OH medical marijuana law is 50 dollars. This would include the application charges and annual renewal charges for the card. You can submit the fee via the online patient portal easily and securely. Ohio State has also subsidized half of the application fee for the OH MMJ card. But it applies to those who earn less than 20000 dollars a year. So, if you are making lower than this amount, you can avail of the benefit.

Step IV

After paying the fee for medical marijuana card in Ohio, you can get it from the Ohio board of pharmacy. However, the issuing of the physical card could take longer. The authorities can take 30 days to send you the physical card via mail. However, you can receive your digitalized card once you successfully pay. You can take a print of this card and can use it for medical marijuana purchases. Do not forget that you can only use this card to get cannabis from a certified dispensary. Making any illegal use of a card will be sentenced to imprisonment without parole.

Step V

You can visit the dispensary to purchase weed if you have received your OH MMJ card. The state has opened and currently operating 26 dispensaries throughout Ohio. Therefore, you can seek the nearest dispensary location online to get weed. Make sure that you carry your patient ID card along with you while visiting the dispensary. Without a medical marijuana card in Ohio, you cannot access weed and face problems with law enforcement. Using the card would enable you to attain a variety of cannabis products. You can choose CBD oils, lotions, edibles, gummies, and more. It is advised to consult with your doctor about the dose and right cannabis product to be used.

To sum up

Obtaining a medical marijuana card Ohio is not complicated but requires following legal procedure. These are five crucial steps regarding the application process for an OH MMJ card. So, if you are qualified to use this card, you should know these steps. It is possible to complete this process in a month. By getting the process rightly done, you can get your card without any obstacles.

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