5 Steps To Manage Depression While Studying For The Government Exams 

In India, youngsters have a huge crowd for grabbing a government job. They wait for the application forms and start their preparations even earlier than the release of the official notification to get an edge. The competition, the never-ending loop of study, the responsibilities, and the inability to manage them all at once often lead the candidates to face depression. 

The basic purpose of this article is to articulate five prominent tips to tackle depression at the roots to get your focus back on the government exam preparations. Before going ahead, let us inform you that tackling depression is very easy. All you need to develop is a different mindset that sees good in every situation and focuses on finding the solutions rather than overthinking. 

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Embrace the tips mentioned below to tackle depression while studying for the government exams:


Remember, the creator of the universe has given you an excellent ability far stronger than your weakness i.e. ability to keep faith in yourself. Faith carries the ability to transform the impossible into the possible. You have to learn how to keep faith in your abilities and efforts. Overthinking works like poison for your faith. Therefore, for the sake of your faith, you have to get rid of the overthinking. Do your best in strengthening your faith and get rid of all the negative thoughts.

Eat A Healthy Diet

Well, your food has also a deep connection with the level of depression. When you eat a natural diet, then you definitely feel happy and light. Eating junk food in more than the required quantity not only deteriorates your health but also makes a negative impact on the efficiency of your performance. Well, we don’t refrain you from eating your favorite food but we urge you to reduce the consummation of junk food and caffeinated drinks. Instead, get accustomed to eating a natural diet full of nutrients that your body needs. 

Relish A Good Sleep

You might be suggested to sacrifice your sleep to get your syllabus covered on time. But what if we tell you that sleeping is a compulsion to achieve good marks? Well, please don’t interpret this paragraph incorrectly. To relish a good sleep, you don’t need to take sleep for 11 or 12 hours. No, the quality of sleep has nothing to do with the increment in hours of sleep. In fact, oversleeping has its own disadvantages. Instead, focus on enhancing the quality of your sleep with the help of regular exercise, meditation, and less use of smartphones. You will surely get a rejuvenated mood to resume your journey happily after relishing a good sleep. 

The Power Of Thought

Know the significance of thoughts and analyze the impacts of thoughts on your regular life. There is a quick story that can change your mindset toward negative thoughts. A bird was learning how to fly and was afraid of flying for the first time and ask his mother what if he falls. Then, his mother simply asks him “ what if you fly”? Well, the same is applicable to you too. You need to shift your focus from negative thoughts to positive ones to live a quality life. Furthermore, learn the skills of prioritizing the tasks. Try to focus on completing your tasks rather than overthinking the negative thoughts. 


Don’t feel stuck under the heap of responsibilities. Embrace your responsibilities and challenges happily and look at them as an opportunity to grow. But don’t forget to take care of yourself. It is imperative to get time for yourself and feel gratitude for the things you have. Fighting and longing for your goals for the entire day make you even more depressed. Instead, get five minutes and sit peacefully to feel blessed and grateful for the things you have. Hence, you will get peace of mind and the strength to tackle depression. 

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The points mentioned above can make a significant improvement in the quality of your exam preparations and life only if you adhere to them wisely. Furthermore, listen to the words of wise people to get the right direction. 

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