Making the Right decision for Handling Cast and Movie Crew

Behind the scenes of making of movie and TV commercial. Camera of movie and video production. Film Crew. B-roll, with crew team in studio and set on dark background.

The cast was put together by us. casting that has an international style in order to reflect the world’s diversity to the greatest extent feasible given the subject.

Regarding location, the location was a blessing as we had the backing of a lot of companies and individuals, large and small. The script however required many locations, which presented many logistical issues, including relocations during lunches and coffee breaks. Our crew was fantastic and did their best to accomplish the task. 

We shot in two video production company near me different restaurant locations. Luckily, they belonged to people that I know, and they were thrilled to help us. We shot at the Sainsbury’s Hotel located in Liverpool Street for the office lobby shots. Sainsbury’s permitted us to make use of their car park, which we converted into a nightclub entry and exit. Cedric Cirotteau who was working on the production with us , was able convincing Barratt Homes to lend us one of their show flats. I had a few friends lend me their offices, bedrooms and living room for the final scenes.

Would you be able to tell us more about the process of production camera, crew, lighting?

Xavier said: We’d collaborated with the majority of the crew members on another shoot, so the crew was a team player and shared many responsibilities to ensure the shoot went as planned.

I’m extremely lucky to be able to have Tobias for my Director of Photography since he has the ability to discern my thoughts and we have many influences. As a cast cinematographer, I was worried the possibility of letting go, but with Tobias aboard with his many numerous years of knowledge and amazing ability, I was able to fully trust him and let go.

Tobias the approach to making the movie was to construct a universe that. Though it is familiar, yet feels completely different. In order to tell video production company near me the narrative about an alternate world. The colour palette was choreographed across all departments. We removed the color green, while pushing blue and purple. We used the Red Dragon at 5K with an 2.40 aspect ratio as well as Zeiss Ultra Prime lenses. I decided to use this setup because I was looking for a neutral, sharp image.

Specific scenes being shot within one shot

Xavier had a pre-planned storyboard. Despite having numerous scenes and locations to shoot. Our shooting list was very precise, with specific scenes being shot within one shot. The work was completed during pre-production, with recces and a meeting to work Cast out all the details. The lighting was changing during the course of the day in the film. I wanted the feeling that the films had to feel clean and sterile. With all lighting was one colour instead of mixing sources to make the film appear contemporary and clean. And to emphasize the idea of an alternate world.

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