Learn About Different Metabolic Types And How They Affect Health

The topic of men and women is as old as time, and scientists have wasted no time in figuring out all the differences in this age-old “battle of the sexes.” Like every other physiological and physical definition of birth gender, different metabolic types differentiate men and women. The gender differences in the metabolic types are plentiful and worth breaking down, studying, learning, and applying.

We think that men and women are as different as night and day, and that may be true across many instances, but when it comes to the metabolism type, the two genders are very similar from a metabolic standpoint. About 90% of daily energy expenditure is connected to the amount of muscle mass, fat mass, and activity level each person exudes. This is where we find the differences as women tend to have slower metabolisms than men, with the unique differences being a matter of muscle mass and body size.

With this in mind, we would expect a person with more muscle and less fat to be more metabolically healthy. However, blood sugar can make a difference in metabolic types. For example, fasting blood glucose tends to be higher in men and decreases more slowly simply because women are better metabolically equipped.

When discussing metabolic types associated with gender, sex hormones are usually the first topic addressed. The differences in muscle mass can be attributable to higher testosterone levels in men. Although, women’s estrogen levels naturally explain the difference in metabolic characteristics and types. This gives women an advantage because muscles have estrogen receptors, and when activated, they increase the rate of glucose uptake into the muscle.

This is the one area we might be able to talk about fat without getting into trouble with the opposite sex. After all, it is a sensitive topic and one of the leading results of aging. There is very little room around this, which is why the metabolism types are essential to understand. Men and women store fat in different areas and ways, and the characteristics of that fat are also different. Men have more gut fat found around the organs in the abdominal cavity and so forth, whereas women tend to have more hypodermal fat found between the muscles and the skin. For men, this is particularly dangerous because visceral fat increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other cardiovascular diseases. The fat distribution pattern in women is more beneficial.

Muscle mass is essential no matter the gender of a person. The metabolism type around muscle mass is also unique. The most critical muscular difference is that women tend to have a more significant proportion of slow twitch muscle fibers. As a result, women use more fat during exercise than men do. However, after training, that fat utilization reverses. Women tend to burn more carbs, whereas men burn a higher percentage of fat.

Metabolism is how our cells change the food we eat into the energy needed to survive. It’s no secret that as we age, our metabolism slows, and the rate at that we break down food decreases significantly with each passing decade. Understanding the metabolism types will help your spouse, partner, mother, father, brother, sister, or friend (any different kind of relationship a person may have with another). We have an opportunity to learn, understand and help each other no matter the gender.  Men and women have many differences and many similarities. Regarding metabolism types, the differences are enough to note so that each person understands what they need to do to help themselves and help others.

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