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A procurement professional is preparing a sale & purchase contract of a machinery. Which of the following clauses should be added to the contract? Select TWO that apply

  • A. Supplier selection mechanism
  • B. Guarantees
  • C. Ratio decidendi
  • D. Period of hire
  • E. Insurance requirements

Answer: B,E

The complexity of the contract will reflect the complexity of the purchase. For simple, low-value purchases, standard terms and conditions may be all that is required, but do not assume that just because the purchase is one-off, the contract will be simple. It may still need to cover the following areas:
– Warranties and guarantees if the one-off purchase has a considerable life-span and is business-critical (e.g., a back-up generator for the office which houses the national computer servers).
– Insurance requirements: including professional indemnity, public/products liability, employer’s liability, and cover for any specific risks such as pollution or working at height.
– Specification requirements on quality, timing and delivery
– Minimum quality standards on the business operation (e.g., a catering provider might only be providing sandwiches for a team meeting lunch, but you still need to know its hygiene practices).
– Built-in change process for any goods or services that are beyond very simple (e.g., works contracts always have variations procedures because of the unpredictable nature of such projects).
– Ability to extend the scope of the contract should be minimal or none, and restrained to the single requirement.
– Ability to extend the duration of the contract should be limited to the ability to accommodate unexpected time overruns (which itself should be subject to a damages/penalty provision where they are attributable to the supplier, and an extension to overheads costs where they are attributable to the purchaser).
– Data security protocols need to be considered if personal data is being shared.
LO 1, AC 1.3


Which of the following KPIs is qualitative?
1. Openness and co-operation of supplier
2. Responsiveness of supplier
3. Customer satisfactory ratings
4. Cost management
5. OTIF deliveries

  • A. 2 and 3 only
  • B. 1 and 4 only
  • C. 2 and 5 only
  • D. 1 and 3 only

Answer: D

Qualitative KPIs are based on pure opinions about how well or otherwise the goods are performing or the service is being delivered. Most often, these will be linked to, or converted into, a numerical measure. However, such satisfaction surveys often also include free fields for respondents to explain why they feel the way they do, and what they might have liked to have been different.
On the other hand, quantitative KPIs are based on numerical measure with either definite number (e.g., actual number of orders incomplete or otherwise inaccurate during the time period) or as a percentage (e.g. number of inaccurate orders as a percentage of the total number of orders).
Openness and co-operation means that supplier is open and co-operative in its relationship with purchaser, e.g., in terms of joint problem solving. This KPI is qualitative since it is measured by individual judgement.
Responsiveness of supplier means the supplier responds rapidly to requests for information and support without having to be chased. It is measured by the number of times requests chased as a percentage of number of requests. It is a quantitative KPI.
Customer satisfactory ratings means the level of customer’s satisfaction. This KPI is measured by periodic survey and it is a qualitative KPI.
Cost management is another quantitative KPI. It can be measured by comparing between the actual costs and the contractual costs.
OTIF (one-time in-full) deliveries is a quantitative KPI. It can be measured by counting the inaccurate deliveries in the period or inaccurate deliveries as a percentage of total number of deliveries for period.
LO 2, AC 2.2


Transformers & Rectifiers Ltd wanted to buy some specialist gaskets. They sent a request for quotation with specification to Needs Ltd. The supplier replied with a quotation in which had its own terms and conditions. The buyer edited delivery terms on the quotation and sent the document back to Needs Ltd. Gaskets were delivered to Transformers’ premise with an invoice from Needs Ltd. Which of the following is most likely to be the governing terms if the two companies must settle the dispute at court?

  • A. Terms and conditions in the invoice
  • B. Terms and conditions in the request for quotation
  • C. Terms & conditions in the original quotation
  • D. Edited terms and conditions

Answer: D

In the ‘battle of the forms’, generally who shot the last will win. This is not applied to this case. Initial RFQ is an invitation to treat, then the quotation forms an offer. Transformers & Rectifiers Ltd edits terms and conditions then sends back to supplier, this act terminates Needs’s offer and makes a new offer. Delivery of goods can be deemed as acceptance from Needs Ltd. The contract is formed with its details in the edited terms and conditions.
LO 1, AC 1.2



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