Kanat Sultanbekov On the Boons of Communication and Collaboration for Commercial Construction Projects

Construction projects can only stay on schedule if the project manager focuses on collaboration or communication in the team. Communication helps in planning and executing the phase of the task. Problems often snowball into something big, and this often causes you to miss the deadline for delivery. Every manager should establish procedures and protocols for the team so that all of them are informed, especially when there are project delays, and the workers are falling behind the scheduled delivery of some tasks. 

Kanat Sultanbekovthe leadership is essential for communication and collaboration

Kanat Sultanbekov is a skilled and experienced construction project manager based in New York. He is widely respected for his track record for completing projects on time, and he emphasizes quality and high safety standards to ensure no errors are committed when tasks are executed for the first time. 

According to him, communication and coordination are the main pillars for construction projects, and the manager has to fix how often the information should be shared with the workers. When issues arise, the manager should focus on communicating with the whole team and brainstorming ideas to resolve these problems and get the project back on track. 

Enhance the productivity 

Communication and collaboration enhance productivity on the site, so the team’s morale is boosted to a large extent. When it comes to the task of cooperation, it goes beyond building trust and respect on the site. The parties involved should willingly work with one another to focus on the common goals of the project so that tasks are completed in time. As a skilled project manager, you should cooperate and coordinate with the other team members to finish the project on time and within the budget. 

Problem resolution 

Both communication and collaboration go hand in hand to keep everyone on the same page so that there is no ambiguity when it comes to the roles and responsibilities of the project. The manager ensures that collaboration is done smoothly so that everyone trusts each other and there are no misunderstandings! When you share ideas and expertise, you can improve problem resolution on the site.

Project collaboration is essential for successfully completing the tasks within time. It helps in establishing solid relationships with stakeholders based on trust and respect. The parties in the project should work with one another to complete the work for the day in time so that there are no delays that result in financial losses.  According to Kanat Sultanbekov, the progress of the whole project should be documented and monitored so that the progress of the entire project is in front of you. The daily records should be reviewed to align with the master schedule that the manager has created for the project. Moreover, when you are heading a project, you should be able to track the tasks correctly so that you are in tune with the project timeline and budget. Proper planning is the name of the game.

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