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An application is comprised of a set of core functions such as product catalog, client ratings, user forums, and each function must be developed and deployed independently of each other. Which architecture supports this requirement?

  • A. Platform-as-a-service
  • B. Fowler
  • C. Microservices
  • D. Monolithic

Answer: C

Microservices architecture is an approach in which a single application is composed of many loosely coupled and independently deployable smaller services.


Which of the following is considered a value provided by adopting a cloud computing model?

  • A. Independence from local regulatory laws
  • B. Collaboration between teams from international locations
  • C. Elimination of the IT department
  • D. Elimination of jobs due to automation

Answer: B

Cloud adoption is a strategy used by organizations to improve customer service and reduce costs while increasing efficiencies. Benefits of Cloud Adoption: – Scalability – Cost-Effectiveness – Security – Backup and Recovery – Accelerated Adoption A value of cloud adoption is the collaboration it allows between teams across widespread geographical regions, including international locations.


Cloudant is based on which Apache project?

  • A. Maven
  • B. CouchDB
  • C. Lucene
  • D. Derby

Answer: B


Which of the following statement is correct for IAM?

  • A. It enables bring-your-own-devices
  • B. It enables only authentication for the tenancy
  • C. It is used to control access to resources
  • D. It enables only authorization for the tenancy

Answer: C

Identity and access management, or IAM is used to control access to resources.


Which statement is true about IBM File Storage?

  • A. It is supported by Windows operating system only
  • B. It organizes files in a hierarchy of named directories
  • C. It is supported by Linux operating systems only
  • D. It is a local file system for a compute instance

Answer: B

File Storage associated with Network Attached Storage (NAS) technology. File Storage organizes files in a hierarchy of named directories.
The ability for File Storage to be mounted to multiple compute nodes at a time make it an ideal solution for common storage requirements.
– Offer volume size from 20 GB to 12 TB
– Provide encryption for data at rest
– Provide IOPS up to 48,000 IOPS.



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