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VCEDumps CIPM exam dumps are contained with latest CIPM real exam questions and answers, Besides, the test score about each Certified Information Privacy Manager CIPM simulation test is available, which is helpful for your self-assessment.

So join in our team, and you can pass the CIPM reliable training smoothly and successfully as soon as possible, Here it is our honor to help you with the actual questions you want to for such a long time by providing our useful CIPM practice test.

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Download Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) Exam Dumps

Please use the following to answer the next question:
As they company’s new chief executive officer, Thomas Goddard wants to be known as a leader in data protection. Goddard recently served as the chief financial officer of Hoopy.com, a pioneer in online video viewing with millions of users around the world. Unfortunately, Hoopy is infamous within privacy protection circles for its ethically Questionable practices, including unauthorized sales of personal data to marketers.
Hoopy also was the target of credit card data theft that made headlines around the world, as at least two million credit card numbers were thought to have been pilfered despite the company’s claims that
“appropriate” data protection safeguards were in place. The scandal affected the company’s business as competitors were quick to market an increased level of protection while offering similar entertainment and media content. Within three weeks after the scandal broke, Hoopy founder and CEO Maxwell Martin, Goddard’s mentor, was forced to step down.
Goddard, however, seems to have landed on his feet, securing the CEO position at your company, Medialite, which is just emerging from its start-up phase. He sold the company’s board and investors on his vision of Medialite building its brand partly on the basis of industry-leading data protection standards and procedures.
He may have been a key part of a lapsed or even rogue organization in matters of privacy but now he claims to be reformed and a true believer in privacy protection. In his first week on the job, he calls you into his office and explains that your primary work responsibility is to bring his vision for privacy to life. But you also detect some reservations. “We want Medialite to have absolutely the highest standards,” he says. “In fact, I want us to be able to say that we are the clear industry leader in privacy and data protection. However, I also need to be a responsible steward of the company’s finances. So, while I want the best solutions across the board, they also need to be cost effective.” You are told to report back in a week’s time with your recommendations. Charged with this ambiguous mission, you depart the executive suite, already considering your next steps.
You give a presentation to your CEO about privacy program maturity. What does it mean to have a “managed” privacy program, according to the AICPA/CICA Privacy Maturity Model?

  • A. Procedures or processes exist, however they are not fully documented and do not cover all relevant aspects.
  • B. Procedures and processes are fully documented and implemented, and cover all relevant aspects.
  • C. Regular review and feedback are used to ensure continuous improvement toward optimization of the given process.
  • D. Reviews are conducted to assess the effectiveness of the controls in place.

Answer: D


What is the main purpose of a privacy program audit?

  • A. To mitigate the effects of a privacy breach.
  • B. To make decisions on privacy staff roles and responsibilities.
  • C. To justify a privacy department budget increase.
  • D. To ensure the adequacy of data protection procedures.

Answer: D


Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which of the following situations would LEAST likely require a controller to notify a data subject?

  • A. A direct marketing email is sent with recipients visible in the ‘cc’ field
  • B. An encrypted USB key with sensitive personal data is stolen
  • C. Personal data of a group of individuals is erroneously sent to the wrong mailing list
  • D. A hacker publishes usernames, phone numbers and purchase history online after a cyber-attack

Answer: A


Please use the following to answer the next QUESTION:
Amira is thrilled about the sudden expansion of NatGen. As the joint Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with her long-time business partner Sadie, Amira has watched the company grow into a major competitor in the green energy market. The current line of products includes wind turbines, solar energy panels, and equipment for geothermal systems. A talented team of developers means that NatGen’s line of products will only continue to grow.
With the expansion, Amira and Sadie have received advice from new senior staff members brought on to help manage the company’s growth. One recent suggestion has been to combine the legal and security functions of the company to ensure observance of privacy laws and the company’s own privacy policy. This sounds overly complicated to Amira, who wants departments to be able to use, collect, store, and dispose of customer data in ways that will best suit their needs. She does not want administrative oversight and complex structuring to get in the way of people doing innovative work.
Sadie has a similar outlook. The new Chief Information Officer (CIO) has proposed what Sadie believes is an unnecessarily long timetable for designing a new privacy program. She has assured him that NatGen will use the best possible equipment for electronic storage of customer and employee data. She simply needs a list of equipment and an estimate of its cost. But the CIO insists that many issues are necessary to consider before the company gets to that stage.
Regardless, Sadie and Amira insist on giving employees space to do their jobs. Both CEOs want to entrust the monitoring of employee policy compliance to low-level managers. Amira and Sadie believe these managers can adjust the company privacy policy according to what works best for their particular departments. NatGen’s CEOs know that flexible interpretations of the privacy policy in the name of promoting green energy would be highly unlikely to raise any concerns with their customer base, as long as the data is always used in course of normal business activities.
Perhaps what has been most perplexing to Sadie and Amira has been the CIO’s recommendation to institute a privacy compliance hotline. Sadie and Amira have relented on this point, but they hope to compromise by allowing employees to take turns handling reports of privacy policy violations. The implementation will be easy because the employees need no special preparation. They will simply have to document any concerns they hear.
Sadie and Amira are aware that it will be challenging to stay true to their principles and guard against corporate culture strangling creativity and employee morale. They hope that all senior staff will see the benefit of trying a unique approach.
If Amira and Sadie’s ideas about adherence to the company’s privacy policy go unchecked, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) could potentially take action against NatGen for what?

  • A. Negligence in consistent training.
  • B. Deceptive practices.
  • C. Failing to institute the hotline.
  • D. Failure to notify of processing.

Answer: B



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