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In the time, Oceania has cut back on Baltic sailings, and has also changed its ports Travel list to accommodate the Baltic sailings it has maintained.

Within Northern Europe, Oceania ships typically depart from Southampton, England; Amsterdam; Hamburg, Germany; Belfast, Northern Ireland; Copenhagen as well as Oslo, Norway.

The Mediterranean

An Oceania ship docked in Monaco. OCEANIA CRUISES

A majority of Oceania’s most well-known itineraries are located in the family travel blogger in the Mediterranean, where it often operates more than five ships in the summer months.

The Mediterranean excursions vary from 10 to as much up to 22 days. These include trips focused upon specific areas of the Western Mediterranean or Eastern Mediterranean as well as some that incorporate stops in both regions.

One of them is the 12-day “Mediterranean Splendors” routing, which is a single-way journey from Istanbul to Lisbon, Portugal, that includes the passengers to Turkey, Greece, Malta, Spain and Portugal.

The more focused Mediterranean itineraries are offered by the line, including its 9-day “Cultural Crossroads” voyages between Athens, Greece, and Civitavecchia, Italy (the port for Rome) that mainly focus in stops at the western coast of Turkey as well as the western coasts of Italy.

In the Mediterranean the major ports comprise Barcelona; Monaco; Valletta, Malta; Civitavecchia and Venice, Italy; Piraeus (the port of Athens), Greece; and Istanbul.


Oceania’s Insignia docked in an Asian city. OCEANIA CRUISES

Oceania typically takes the six vessels to Asia during winter time for Asia-focused cruises from cities like Bangkok, Singapore and Tokyo.

The line will also usually send two ships on an international cruise that comprises several segments in Asia and results in two vessels sailing through Asia in winter.

The ships typically provide the most diverse of itineraries Single Mom Travel. They do not stay within the same region of Asia for more than one voyage in one trip.

Asia Itineraries Oceania offers include 10-night journeys from Bangkok and Singapore with stops in Ko Samui, Thailand; Sihanoukville, Cambodia; and Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

The line is also able to offer many (10-night) “Japanese Immersion” sailings each winter from Yokohama, Japan (the port for Tokyo) and includes stops in Nagoya, Kobe (for Kyoto), Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Kochi and Shimizu in Japan and Busan, South Korea.

More extended Asia itinerary includes 18 night “Spiritual Shrines” sailings from Bangkok to Tokyo that also include stops to Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan and Japan.

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