How to Screenshot on Windows 11 [6 Easy Tricks]

People often need to take screenshots for work. At different times you may just need to take one to offer something to a partner. Regardless, they are accessories on any gadget. If you’re using Windows 11, there are a few ways to pick it up. Let’s take a look at ten simple strategies for how to capture screens on Windows 11. To know more about How to take a Screenshot on windows? then click here.

1. Press the Print Screen Windows Key or “PrtScn” to Copy the Entire Screen to the Clipboard

This technique is relevant for screen capture in Windows 11, Windows 10 and previous adaptations of Windows:

1. Locate the PrtScn or Print Screen key, which is usually on the top row of the console to one side of the F12 utilitarian key.

2. Press the Print Screen or PrtScn key. You may need to press another key on some consoles, the Fn utilitarian key, along with the PrtScn key, which is Fn + PrtScn. This is usually the case with more modest laptops.

3. Go to an alternative application that allows you to glue, for example, MS Word, Painting Tools, MS PowerPoint and click on the Glue or Ctrl + V keys.

4. Don’t forget to save by tapping the Save button or pressing the Ctrl + S keys.

2. Use One Drive for Automatically Save Print Screen Screenshots

You can incorporate PrtSc with OneDrive as a screen capture strategy on Windows 11 to create picture documents automatically. Using OneDrive gives you the additional means of getting an alternative application to duplicate items to the clipboard and store all screenshots in one area for later use. The following is how to set up OneDrive:

1. Select the cloud symbol on the taskbar and explore OneDrive’s settings.

2. Select the Reinforcement tab under OneDrive utility settings and check the “Automatically save screenshots” check-box.

3. Select or create a OneDrive envelope for all your screenshots.

4. Currently you can view it. Press Print Screen or PrtScn and check if the screen capture picture is saved in your OneDrive envelope.

3. Press Windows + Print Screen to Save the Screenshot as a File (Where to Find Your Screenshots)

This Windows screen capture strategy allows you to save your screen capture as a direct record:

1. On your console, press Windows + Print Screen.

2. Navigate to your photo organizer and open the Screenshot Envelope (C:\Users\Customer\Name/Picture/Screenshots).

3. The Windows Screen Capture document will be named “Screenshot#.png”, # is the number that Windows will automatically assign to the screen capture according to the time and number of the most recently taken screenshot.

4. Keep in mind, you may need to press Fn + PrtScn + Windows on a specific console to save your Windows Screen Capture PNG record.

4. Press Alt + Print Screen to Copy Only the Active Window to the Clipboard

Windows allows you to take a screen capture of the window that is currently in motion on your desktop. Hence, you will not need to trim the picture to get a dynamic window as in the previous Windows screenshot.

1. Press Alt + Print Screen on your console.

2. Open another application that can get pictures from the clipboard, for example, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Paint, Google Sheets or Docs, or any picture-transforming application and snap Glue or Ctrl+V.

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5. How to Take Screenshot on PC with the Snipping Tool

The Clipping Tool in Windows 11 is an exemplary mix of the Windows 10 Cut & Sketch Tool and the Cutting Tool. The two applications in Windows 10 were somewhat unintuitive because part of their capabilities were comparable, making them extras. The Windows 11 Screen Capture Cutting Tool cleans up that debris, while allowing you to explain, offer, or save your Windows screenshot or screen print in a more modest area.

6. Using Windows + Shift + S to launch the Snipping Tool App

You can also use Console Easy Root Windows + Shift + S to send the cutting tool. In any case, there’s little difference when you send the cutting tool through the easy passage keys.

1. Press Windows + Shift + S keys on your console.

2. Your screen will be obscured, and you will see a small toolbox at the top center point of your screen.

3. The left-to-right toolbox has options for Rectangular Clip, Freeform Cut, Window Cut, and Full-Screen Cut.

4. Select one of the options on the toolbar.

5. Place your cursor close to the area you want to capture.

Left-snap and hold the mouse, then drag your mouse over the area you want to capture.

6. Release the mouse button; Your assessment will be repeated on the clickboard.

You may also see a little spring up on the right-hand corner of your screen while the notification is on.

7. Click on the spring up message, and the cutting tool application will appear with your captured picture.

8. Then you can control the picture by clear or trim and save or share.

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