How To Make Customers Addicted With Your Pillow Boxes? 7 Easy Ways

Who doesn’t love women? Mothers, wives, daughters, and grandmothers all make great customers. Keeping them entertained and engaged may be more a challenge when compared to their counterparts of the opposite sex, but there are some extremely compelling methods which have been tried and tested to successfully get women addicted to your pillow boxes!

Easy Way 1: Make it Shiny and Pretty

One thing that people underestimate is how easy it is to sway women with the right kind of shiny and pretty looking packaging. Make sure that your custom pillow boxes successfully pass group tests where you place multiple women together and ask for their feedback on the branding. This way, you’ll know the exact amount of shininess required before it starts to look cheaper than it is.

Easy Way 2: Make it Useful After Use

This is an important point. Make sure to contact your vendor of wholesale pillow boxes for the information required for making it happen, but you can find different uses such as fold out try, or some other form of utility that can enhance the customers experience during or after use of your product. Women love surprises, and pleasant ones from your brand may be all you need to get them hooked on your product!

Easy Way 3: Appeal to their Emotions

This is a tactic used by companies that target young mothers. If you can get a customer to feel emotions and have a positive experience, they are more than likely to keep coming back for the emotion and your product! Some call it manipulation, we call it marketing! Use your pillow boxes to get women addicted!

Easy Way 4: Use Attractive Colors

A huge advantage of using custom pillow boxes is that you can go crazy with color and design options to find the right fit for yourself and your brand. Women are more sensitive to colors than men. This is because they used to be gatherers in hunter-gatherer societies, so they really had to make sure they picked the right shade of berry (or risk killing the whole tribe). Nowadays, this superpower can be leveraged by your brand to hook, reel, and addict women!

Easy Way 5: Tell a Story, and Keep Them Coming Back for More!

A strategy you can opt for is that you reveal portions of a story through different editions of your product. Meaning that every 3 months you update the design to continue the story. Spark their interest by getting them curious through a mystery. Women love mystery, if your product has the right kind of story associated with it, you’ll convince more women to buy your product in the long-term. Remember to check with experts in magnetic closure rigid boxes in order to see what works with your audience and what doesn’t.

Easy Way 6: Hire Women in Your Team

This is pretty obvious, but no one really understands the perspective of women quite like women themselves. This is because regardless of how you think women think, only women truly understand what it’s like to be a woman and live in this generation. Female marketing specialists will obviously be better at understanding the minds of women than men in the same position. This is one of the quickest ways to upgrade the potential of your brand and your team. Female workers will come with the added benefit that they perform even better than men because they have a point to prove and don’t have the privileges that come with being men in the modern society of today.

Easy Way 7: Add a Touch of Luxury

Glitz, glamour. Some may try to hide it, but all women love a little luxury. Even if it’s the slightest change, you can elevate the luxury value of your pillow boxes. Some examples of this may be a unique window design for your pillow box, or maybe a change in texture, anything that makes it feel higher in value to the women. Find the right fight for your target audience of women. Once it clicks, you’ll automatically begin seeing results in the forms of positive reviews, more purchases, and addicted women!

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