How to Give Fantastic Pleasures to your Partner

To build a deeper connection, you need to give her a chance to see what’s possible (with you). It is very important that you encourage him to share his fantasies with you and reward him when he does. No woman should ever be excused or shamed for her deepest desires to dream and be completely free without consequence or judgment from you or anyone else. Ask her to describe in detail in her imagination (if she doesn’t tell you herself) the size of the room she is in, the smells, the brightness, the colors and what things she can see in the room, are they hot? /cold/wet, what you feel at this moment and what word you associate with this feeling (it is usually its primary value for this feeling) etc. you get the picture.
Let her finish her Erotica stories, after she’s done and you get feedback from her about her values, feelings, and fantasies, take some time (a week or more) and don’t talk to her about her fantasy. Then after a while when you’re in bed together or doing the dishes etc slowly approach her and a week later take her concept and describe it as “flawless” Get it. Story.

She will always be excited because it is her story, values ​​and words from the beginning. Just telling her fantasies or stories works wonders, but the most effective are the stories she makes up herself.
Using sensual and ambiguous words and abstract language in your stories/fantasies and slowly building up their anxiety level also works very effectively. Notice how women are always talking to other women about what they feel/feel when doing something and how it reminds them of this and that which in turn reminds or makes them feel this or that Is. That’s all you need to enjoy.

Sense Words:

These words include: colors, tastes, how things feel/emotions, aromas/smells, sounds, how things are, etc.

Abstract words:

These words include: They are ambiguous and indicate an emotional state. What happened, but not how. Example: peace, comfort, energy, peace, freedom, growth, depth, presence, etc.

That’s the fantasy part, now let’s get to the physical stuff, the way of talking during physical sex. One of the first things I want you to break is the idea that women are not sexual. In fact, women are generally heavier than men. Imagine, for as long as man can remember, women have been subjected to physical and mental abuse. He always lived in the shadow of man. Women throughout our society had nothing to say for a very long time, and if they did, it should be socially acceptable. So women learned to hide their feelings and fantasies in order to live within themselves. Everything else was forbidden, even speaking and thinking, because man decided it should be.

This is why women are so afraid of being called a slut. So you see, it all comes back to physiology when men don’t understand women because of physical limitations and differences between men and women.
Men are turned on by physical objects such as a woman’s body, and women are turned on by their fantasies. As soon as a woman asks a man to fantasize, he immediately dismisses it as sloppy. He often said, “Why do you think of him when you think of other men or situations?” Then it became unclean and a taboo that became a social norm through the years. This is why women feel like prostitutes when they easily give in to men’s sexual advances, because society and their parents have programmed them to be polite. The pleasure of sex arose in the late 1960s: it was one-sided.

Friends saw it as very normal and the same job as everyone else. Women felt that it was their husband’s duty to give them again and again. No wonder women had to have fun but couldn’t live up to their full potential, society and all. He didn’t care at the time.

Today, women are becoming more accepted in society, which allows them to pursue their interests without judgment. But women still want a man who can pursue these things with them. It’s because women want a strong man without feeling like his initiator and without feeling like a bitch (here comes those societal rules again).

But I fear that if the veil of Adult Magazine is lifted, as it is now beginning to be for all women who talk more and more about sexual fantasies, it will eventually turn all women on. Since it is no longer taboo and secret, the “threat” of women’s speech, and therefore the fascination, not to mention the thought of sexual fantasies, will decrease. I will always regret the day it happened. I hope that day never comes.

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