How to fix unresponsive mechanical keyboard keys?

A physical switch is used beneath a mechanical keyboard. This switch controls the action that takes place when the user presses a button. Mechanical keyboards are more prone to damage than membrane keyboards since they have mechanical bits.

For the majority of users, mechanical keyboard key failure is a common issue, whether the issue is due to physical damage, dust and filth, or a faulty switch.

In this article, we’ll discuss a few techniques for fixing mechanical keyboard keys.

Why aren’t the keys on my mechanical keyboard working?

Particularly if you munch close to your mechanical keyboard, dust and debris may penetrate the key switches. 

When your keyboard is sufficiently dusty, pressing a key may not allow it to travel to its switch. A damaged key switch or a worn-out cable can also render mechanical keys useless.

Are you experiencing mechanical keyboard issues? This Is How to Fix It

Either a hardware issue or an issue with internal OS components is to blame when a keyboard stops working. Let’s quickly go over each of them to get your keyboard working again.

Make sure the keyboard is spotless

Any keyboard will gradually fill with dust if it is kept filthy. A mechanical keyboard’s switches might not be able to be depressed because of this dust. The issue with the broken key should be fixed by cleaning the keyboard.

Use a can of compressed air to clean a mechanical keyboard, or remove all the keys to thoroughly clean them. Make sure to use compressed air sparingly because the keys will easily fall off the keyboard if you don’t.

Take the keys out by using a keycap puller. To gently remove the keys and remove dust from confined spaces, use compressed air. Another option is to clean your keyboard with 99% isopropyl alcohol.

When cleaning the keyboard, make sure it is not plugged into a power source.

Your wireless keyboard’s batteries need to be replaced

If the keyboard’s batteries are running low and you use a wireless mechanical keyboard, the OS might not recognize a keypress. Check to see whether the issue is resolved by replacing the keyboard’s batteries. If the keyboard is rechargeable, plug it into a charger.

The batteries in your rechargeable keyboard can also be harmed. If this happens, the keyboard will keep working so long as it is plugged into a charger. 

The battery, however, stops working when the charger is removed, and the keypress is not recorded.

You should also replace your batteries in this situation.

Replace the Cable

Mechanical keyboards also come with a separate USB C cord. Some of its capabilities, such keypress detection, might also be disabled by a broken cable. 

The failure to recognize the keypress could be caused by any section of the cable that appears to be worn out.

Check to see if the issue is fixed by replacing the worn-out cable with a new one.

Replaced switches

An operating system receives a signal when a key on a mechanical keyboard is pressed, as was previously mentioned. 

If there is an internal problem with or damage to this switch, the system won’t be able to detect anything. There is a strong probability that the switch is damaged if none of the preceding options work.

If your keyboard includes a hot-swappable switch, a switch puller makes it simple to take out and put back in keys. To replace your switches, you might need to use soldering, though, if they are not hot-swappable.

With a solder, switching switches can be challenging. We advise taking the keyboard to a nearby electronics shop to have the keyboard switch replaced as a result.

On-screen keyboard should be enabled

Use the on-screen keyboard as a workaround if none of the other options work. On an on-screen keyboard, key presses are registered via mouse clicks.

Follow the steps listed below to enable the on-screen keyboard.

  • Click the Windows symbol on the taskbar to start.
  • From the All Apps menu, choose Settings.
  • Accessibility > Keyboard should be selected.
  • Under On-screen keyboard, access keys, and Print screen, turn on the on-screen keyboard.

Change the layout of the keyboard.

Depending on the keyboard layout you decide on, some keys might not work correctly. If the layout is set to English (UK), for example, Shift + 2 will display the * symbol instead of the @ symbol.

Pushing a key can make you think it’s not working if you’re using a different keyboard layout.

Press Windows + Space or Alt + Shift to switch between different keyboard layouts.

If the keys don’t work, follow the instructions below.

Look for the system tray icons on the taskbar. It typically appears on the right side of the taskbar. To change the language that is shown, click it.

To alter the layout, choose another language.

The steps listed below can be used to remove any unwanted keyboard layouts.

  • A Windows icon should be chosen.
  • After selecting All Apps, choose Settings.
  • Go to Language and Region > Time and Language.
  • Language contains a list of all installed languages.
  • By clicking the three horizontal dots, choose Remove.

Turn off the filter keys

Multiple simultaneous keystrokes are ignored when filter keys are enabled. This setting can prevent irregular keyboard input for those who have hand tremors. 

Enabling this feature, however, can stop your keyboard’s keys from functioning.

Follow the guidelines below to disable filter keys.

  • Click the Windows symbol on the taskbar to start.
  • After clicking on All Apps, scroll down and choose Settings.
  • Accessibility > Keyboard should be selected.
  • Under Stickly, Filter, and Toggle, disable the Filter keys.

The Keyboard Troubleshooter should be launched

Windows’ troubleshooter feature enables you to find and fix issues brought on by defective hardware. 

This tool can even be used to fix any problems that might make a keyboard key inoperable.

  • Click the Windows symbol on the taskbar to start.
  • From the All Apps menu, choose Settings.
  • To access other troubleshooters, go to System > Troubleshoot.
  • Under Other, launch the Keyboard troubleshooter.
  • Once the troubleshooter procedure is complete, restart your computer to check the keys’ functionality.

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