How to design photography packages?

How to design photography packages

Photographers who work without the revised pricing policy for their photo packages tend to need help to appear professional to clients. A client will get a sense of the quality of your work when they hire you with a basic photography package. Robust maternity and newborn photography packages will give clients clear options.

Photography packages: What your clients want

Pricing should be guided by the services you have already offered to your clients. Please list your most common client requests in the previous year or two and include them in your photography packages. If you are struggling, you can suggest to your clients to find out what your clients want in photography packages. Your clients know ​​what they want to get when working with you. You could look at the current market and pick up the current photography trends. For example, wedding book printing is a standard practice that many couples prefer, or maybe you know a demand where clients like huge different backdrops for maternity shoots. However, the key to creating attractive photography packages is putting the client’s wishes first.

Offer up to three photography packages.

Simplify your pricing by offering a three-tier photography package: basic, intermediate, and premium options. If you can’t choose only three packs, choose four when variety is needed. For example, because of the many possible services and opportunities for wedding photography, you may decide that it is necessary to include four photo packages. By helping your clients narrow their choices to three or four types of packages, you’ll ensure they’re calm and make their choice faster.

Include some add-ons in the photography packages

If you find that you have items that do not fit into a particular photo package, please include them as extras to the base price of each package. An additional part of the photography packages may include, for example, additional prints, images, or editing in Photoshop. Add-ons are an excellent opportunity to increase the average order value. In addition, they are often presented after the client has already decided and settled on a large photography order, making it easier to swallow.

Photo Package Prices: Value

To price your photo packages effectively, consider what value you are providing to your clients at each level of the photo package. For example, the basic photography package should cover the client’s essential services.

  • A mid-level photography package should cover the basic services and a little more.
  • A top photography package should be premium and include the basics plus all the bells and whistles you offer.
  • Consider the cost of each photo package to make your pricing fair to customers. This should include the following:

Equipment costs – cameras, lenses, lighting equipment, and space rental include in photography packages.

The total cost of producing the good or service includes labor and material costs and the type of photo editing services you offer! If you work with photo retouching or manipulation services. Hidden costs such as client review, storage, and delivery of digital files are associated with them. Calculate each service and add a profit margin to get a reasonable price. This way, you can show your clients the value of what they are getting with every purchase. Mentioning what goes into each pricing consideration will best justify the cost to your clients.

Break down the prices of the photography packages

A good rule of thumb is to identify the photography package you’d like to sell the most and price it just above the average you need to earn per shoot. In most cases, this is a medium package where you cover costs and make a small profit. Clients often opt for the middle package because they realize it gives them value for their money without breaking the bank. When pricing your photography bundle, present clients with a range of affordable options so they can determine what fits their needs and budget. 

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