How to Choose a Carpet? What Brand of Carpet is Good?

With the development of the economy and society, the quality of our life is constantly improving. Many families and business units have begun to turn their attention to carpets in order to increase fashion and comfort. You can also view at boohoo discount code NHS.

Carpet is also favored by more and more families, hotels and enterprises for its sound insulation and warmth. But there is also a lot of knowledge in choosing a carpet. Here are a few ways to choose a carpet.


Look at the density and elasticity of the carpet. A carpet with good elasticity and high density will make your carpet more comfortable.

To test the elasticity of the carpet, consumers can press the carpet with their fingers to see if it can quickly return to its original shape.

The better the elasticity, the faster the recovery speed of the carpet. To test the density of the carpet, consumers can bend the carpet to see if they can see the back. Generally, the higher the density, the harder it is to get out of the back.

Look at the material of the carpet. The material of a carpet can reflect the pressure bearing capacity and wear resistance of the carpet.

Only good materials can make the service life of the carpet longer, which is also the main consideration when consumers choose carpets.

Use high-density and wear-resistant carpets in areas with frequent movement, such as entrances and halls. There are few walking areas.

For example, you can choose high-pile and soft carpets for bedrooms, and durable and non-slip ones for stairs. As for places where stains are easy to stick, such as dining rooms, choose easy-to-clean and easy-care carpets.

Look at the antifouling ability of the carpet The antifouling ability of the carpet is very critical in life. Generally, plain-colored and non-patterned carpets are prone to stains and footprints.

The dust accumulation of cut pile carpets usually floats on the surface of the carpet, revealing stains, but the dust is easy to clean, while the loop pile is easy to accumulate dust in the bottom of the carpet, which is more difficult. clear. Carpet daily maintenance and maintenance Vacuuming is the most basic work of carpet maintenance.

Never have the thought of vacuuming thoroughly tomorrow. Once the dust accumulates, it is difficult to remove it by daily vacuuming.

WEAVERS’ new flooring material: PVC woven carpet/mat, and easy cleaning is one of its many advantages. toilet accessories

Consumers should pay attention to see whether the color of the carpet is different under different light sources. Of course, different production batches will also make the color of the carpet different, it still depends on your choice. 

Look at the carpet brand to ensure that there are more and more companies engaged in the production of carpets today. Consumers need to choose good-quality branded carpets, so as to provide a series of perfect after-sales services.

In addition, good branded carpets can ensure that high-quality carpets are treated with wear-resistant, anti-static and anti-fouling processes, and are not easy to fade. Buyers also visit at matalan discount code NHS

When purchasing a carpet, place the carpet on the ground to see

Therefore, when purchasing a rug, be sure to ask the service personnel to place the rug on the ground. This can help you determine the suitability of the rug more accurately boohoo discount code NHS.

pay attention to the choice of patterns when purchasing carpets

In the living room, you can choose carpets with larger patterns and darker colors, which will give people a sense of stability and generosity; in the bedroom, you can choose carpets with small patterns and bright colors, which will make people feel comfortable and bright.

How to maintain carpet care carpet?

Everyone should pay attention to the daily maintenance and care of family carpets. Don’t wait until it’s extremely dirty to clean it up, it’s already too late.


  • carpet
  • Vacuum cleaner


If it is placed in the living room, the sunlight is relatively sufficient, and it can be equipped with gauze curtains to block the strong sunlight. Avoid fading from light. Regularly vacuum the carpet thoroughly and carefully boohoo discount code NHS.

Don’t wait until more dirt has penetrated the carpet fibers before cleaning. Vacuuming is an economical and effective way to remove dirt and impurities before the dirt gets into the pile. You can also check the offers at amazon discount code NHS

After several years of paving, it is best to change the position so that it can wear evenly. Once some carpets are uneven or the fibers are lodged, they should be patted gently, or they can be gently pressed with a steam iron or a hot towel, so that the overwhelmed carpet piles can be restored.

If furniture is placed on the carpet, it is best to place a gasket with a slightly larger area under the furniture to avoid indentation. The room should pay attention to ventilation and moisture-proof, so as to avoid moth and mildew on the carpet.


  • Remove in time to prevent the fibers from becoming brittle, bonded and broken due to the penetration of stains

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