How to Be Inspired Every Day in Your Writing

Finding inspiration from whatever is at hand is child’s play for other writers. Others suffer from what we call the alibi-that-doesn’t-write-a-word. Yes, we are not always able to continue writing. The lonely road becomes “unseen and unheard”, for a week, a month or a year; investing time and resources in creating stories until readers want more. So how do you get motivated to start, keep going until the End part is over?

Well, here are some ways to get inspired even if you can’t do so. As long as you treat yourself seriously and your passion for collecting characters, events, settings and inspiration – you inspire the way to write your magnum opus and publish it for the world to participate in – and heart taste and wisdom.

  1. Look around – see, smell, smell, touch the various stimuli that could be the germ of an idea or a springboard to a breathtaking and unstoppable reading frenzy from your fans, the readers who voraciously devour each book that you read. create.
  2. Make yourself hungry. Yes, for ideas, experiences, chess wisdom, and even immersing yourself in a world different from your own. Don’t be afraid to step into other people’s shoes and understand their struggles. This way, you will learn something new, fresh and important for your writing career, maybe not today but tomorrow. Yes, all the surrounding stimuli require our utmost attention.
  1. Listen. Keeping something is not a sin. This is something that a writer like you needs to do. You can get things from people’s conversations, complaints, etc. about their work, their daily activities, etc. Maybe the story you want to write requires clear dialogue, a depressing essay, or even thought-provoking wisdom from a grumpy old man’s sarcastic response.
  2. Check out. Making your mind like a sponge can be fun. Getting different vibes from people who are struggling, living to live, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic is a great learning experience. Get to know their stories and learn a thing or two, so your stories will be written in the future and your readers will participate in them.
  3. Build an air tower. Do not be afraid to let go, in mind to be a rebel against social norms, creating a different world for your unique character to thrive among the strict values ​​of purity and sanctity. Yes, you never know if the world you’re building could be the next big thing that readers will love, with a great main character – compare my Wattpad stories: Beautiful Chaos and Beautiful Tragedy. Oh, what’s next to promote my child.

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