How to Add Bluetooth to Your Car- Learn the Best Ways

Technology for automobiles is developing faster than anyone anticipated. Moreover, it’s now simpler than ever to add modern amenities to an older vehicle. Without needing to purchase a new vehicle, several aftermarket firms enable the use of practical accessories and safety features. Nowadays, Bluetooth is a common function in almost all new cars. Read on to know how to add Bluetooth to your car.

Similar to Bluetooth headphones, a car with Bluetooth functionality enables you to stream your music or preferred podcasts. Without the inconvenience of CDs or the internet radio, you may listen to them throughout your daily commute. These Bluetooth-enabled car stereo touch screen are among the best features available today.  

However, you may not have the benefit of cars accessories like Bluetooth streaming if you have an older vehicle. With the decrease in the cost of Bluetooth technology, installing it in any automobile is inexpensive and simple.

How to Add Bluetooth to Your Car

The most popular methods for adding Bluetooth to your car are here.

Universal systems

If separating cables isn’t your thing, a universal kit is the simplest method to add Bluetooth. As their name suggests, these independent devices function in almost any automobile owing to an integrated speaker and microphone. You can put these devices anywhere you’d want with tape or suction cups or clip them onto your sun visor.

These systems have advantages and disadvantages. On the bright side, many universal kits are portable. So, if you switch cars frequently and don’t want to spend money on several units, you can purchase this gadget. Systems that don’t connect to your factory audio system won’t be able to work with the phone’s music applications. 

There are a few universal devices that you can wire into your head unit. You can also add music streaming to the list of features. Nevertheless, the installation process is a little more difficult as a result.

Bluetooth Radio Transmitter and FM transmitter

In essence, a Bluetooth radio transmitter links with both the radio and your phone. You can match the radio station in the car to the one you’ve chosen on the device. Then the sound will play over the main stereo system. The receiver gets power from batteries, the car’s USB port, or a cigarette lighter. You can connect the phone through an aux wire.

If your car already has a radio, an FM transmitter can be the best option. But it’s just out dated. So, give your CDs away, because it’s an easy way to enjoy contemporary music. You set your automobile radio to the new FM radio signal that the transmitter displays to you. You can play music once you link your phone to the transmitter.

Single-Din and Double-Din Radio

A single-din radio is one of the greatest inexpensive improvements for an older vehicle. This could be best if you don’t prefer having contemporary touchscreen features like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. With this, you can automatically connect the phone whenever the car is on. It has an extra aux port, USB, and microphone.

A double-din touchscreen head unit is the most elegant and cutting-edge solution to add Bluetooth to your out dated vehicle. In addition to Bluetooth, this stereo system includes various other innovative features. You’ll probably also have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility with a new Double-Din.

Install a Bluetooth Adapter

Your factory-installed audio may now support Bluetooth thanks to an adaptor. You can place calls and view the call details on the stereo display. You may stream music from your device directly.

A vehicle-specific adapter can work with your factory audio, while a universal adapter can accommodate most vehicles.

You must wire the adapter into the wiring of your current stereo for installation. You may clip an external microphone to your sun visor or install it on the dash. It will connect to your sound input. If you want to preserve your car’s current radio system, installing a Bluetooth adaptor is a suitable choice.

Install an Aftermarket Stereo with Bluetooth

One approach to adding Bluetooth to your car is to replace the factory audio with an aftermarket stereo. It has a built-in Bluetooth feature. Your stock radio might not have choices like built-in GPS, a DVD player, USB connections, and multiple music inputs. However, a Bluetooth stereo can support these features. Additionally, purchasing a stereo with built-in Bluetooth eliminates the need to conceal a separate adapter or kit.

You can link your phone to the stereo for hands-free calls with the Bluetooth stereo. You can use other smartphone features and play music from your device through the car’s speakers.

Installing aftermarket automotive audio equipment will require some familiarity with installing stock stereos. Installing your new stereo might be a good idea to ensure proper functioning and connection.

So, that’s all you must know about how to add Bluetooth to your car. You can also shop car accessories and parts from CarOrbis today. They are among the best online marketplace selling auto equipment at a reasonable price. 

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