A safe driver, also known as a chauffeur, is a person that drives vehicles to meticulous
places. This type of driver is self-employed or hired by companies. In contrast, a chauffeur
can be hired monthly, weekly, and yearly. And the cost depends on the destination, the
distance, and the types of services. Most of them are well-experienced, well-mannered, and
well-trained. So you can hire them without any hesitation and save your money and life too.
The average rate of a personal driver is $22 to $70 per hour, but it also depends on the
experience or type of car. Also, a Safe Driver Monthly provides a personal driver at the pay
rate of $20 to $65 per hour. And if you are willing to find a private driver for 24/7 in the United
States, the maximum cost is $35,000 to $120,000 per year.
Hiring a private driver is relatively high, and not all drivers are equal. If you want to hire a
professional and experienced one, this is the average pay rate of a private driver. Engaging
them full-time according to your schedule is quite comfortable for you. Booking a driver at a
low cost with no experience, references, or no record is risky for you. That means more work
and a needed time for you.
In the safety mode, it is more convenient for your and your family’s safety and privacy.
A professional driver is proficient and knows about the circumstances of driving. They are
aware how to drive comfortably, guide in unfamiliar places, and communicate professionally
and respectfully with their managers. For professional and trustworthy services of a personal
driver, you must pay around $40-$45/hr.
Before hiring a personal driver as an employee, check eligibility criteria, do all paperwork,
and conduct interviews. Safe Driver Dubai Monthly also gives services that are not too expensive
and exclusive of any taxes. It will provide you with access wherever you are. You call them
and enjoy your journey without any worry. Also, one of the best benefits of Safe Driver
Monthly is that you can interview your driver, interview for backup, and any time you can
book your ride.
Do They Charge Extra Costs?
It’sIt’s optional, and it is not for all drivers. Some drivers expect a tip, which can be 10-15% of
the total bill. Changing location after booking a ride or increment in the distance are the
common reasons drivers tip. Also, if a driver has to wait for a pickup at their recommended
time can result in a premium fee.
Wrap up
To prevent yourself from any local drive that is not beneficial for you and your family, you
should hire a personal driver. It is expensive but risk-free, well-trained, and never spoils your
precious time. Safe Driver Monthly gives you a secure driver within a very pocket-friendly
budget, which is around $20 to $65 per hour. Be hustle free and book your driver soon.

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