How Is Christmas Celebrated, And Why Is It Important?

America’s favorite holiday is Christmas. It is America’s No. 1 holiday. 85% of Americans celebrate it. This is how Christmas began and why we have the traditions that we have.

Crowds of people dressed up, going door to door asking for treats, and threatening mischief if homeowners don’t pay… Sounds like Halloween. This was actually one way Christmas was celebrated in the Middle Ages. This is right! Our modern Christmas, which is celebrated with Christmas traditions such as presents and trees, and marked by icons including stars or candy canes, is a far cry form how started.

And why is it celebrated in December? Here’s everything you need about America’s most beloved holiday.

What is Christmas?

Christmas is an annual sacred Christian holiday. It commemorates Jesus Christ’s birth. Although many celebrate to commemorate Jesus’s birth it is also celebrated around the world as a cultural holiday.

What time is Christmas?

The 25th of December is the American holiday. However, the day of week changes. These are the five days on which Christmas falls over the next five years.

What is the significance of Christmas on December 25th?

Why is Christmas always on December 25th each year? It’s believed that Jesus was born on December 25, but this is false. It doesn’t state when Jesus was born. The few clues that we have, such as shepherds protecting their flocks from the elements outside, suggest it could have been in the Spring.

Three-and-a half centuries after Christ’s death, the date of Dec. 25 was adopted to commemorate his birthday. The date was chosen by Pope Julius I in 350 AD. It was officially established in 529 AD when Roman Emperor Justinian made Christmas a public holiday. This timeline is controversial and ongoing research into early Christian history is underway.

This date was not a random choice. Many historians believe the Pope and Emperor enjoyed this date due to the overlap with pagan festivals that celebrated the winter solstice. These pagan festivals go back many centuries. The winter solstice falls on Dec. 21 or 22 depending on the year. The church combined Christmas and these ancient celebrations to preserve the winter holiday tradition, while refocusing the party around the “new” religion Christianity. Many pagan rituals were also dropped.

Another theory suggests that choosing a date close to the shortest day in the year could have been symbolic. The sun would gradually grow brighter each day, just like the Christ child, who went from an infant to becoming immortal.

It is called Christmas because of its origins

The first step in rebranding an old holiday was to give it another religious name. The Christmas word actually comes from Cristes Maesse, Old English meaning “Christ’s Mass,” and refers to the Catholic tradition of having a special mass to celebrate Jesus.

What was Christmas like when it began?

Today is both a cultural and religious holiday. It centers around Jesus’ birth and is celebrated worldwide. The winter solstice was the center of many cultures’ Midwinter celebrations. Easter became the first big Christian holiday after Jesus’ death.

Three centuries later, however, the Christian church was much more powerful and well-known. Religious and political leaders sought a way to make Christian holidays more popular and still allow for traditional celebrations. The solution was to combine and the winter solstice, even if it meant that Jesus would have an arbitrary birthday date.

The Christian holidays, which include Christmas offer, have grown in popularity as Christianity spread around the world. It was celebrated in many different ways over time as different cultures modified it to suit their needs.

How did Christmas become the holiday that we all know?

Early Christmas celebrations were a mixture of Christian and pagan traditions. This led to Halloween activities, such as bonfires, trick-or-treat trading, and Mardi Gras, which are street bacchanals. It was so well-known for its debauchery, the Pilgrims outlawed it in certain cities when they arrived in America.

Although was not forgotten, it did not regain its popularity until the mid-1800s. Two books that were very popular at the time -Charles Dickens A Carol, and Washington Irving’s T The Sketchbook of Geoffrey Crayon Gent – presented Christmas in a warm and family-friendly manner. Although their stories were largely fictional, they sparked the imagination of Victorians. Ulysses S. Grant declared December 26th 1870 a U.S. National Holiday.

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