Hefei hotel decoration process Hefei hotel decoration precautions

As the capital of Anhui Province, Hefei has many innumerable scenic spots, such as: Sanhe Ancient Town, Chenghuang Temple, Binhu National Forest Park, Sanguo Xincheng Ruins Park, etc. With the improvement of everyone’s living standards, people will visit when they are on holidays. Choosing to go out to play, food, clothing, housing, and accommodation must be essential, so hotels have become the first choice for tourists. Therefore, many people invest in hotel construction, and many hotels appear. Dont miss Travelodge discount code nhs

However, the key to the hotel’s high income is the decoration of the hotel, because the quality of the hotel decoration directly affects the future operating income, so it is necessary to understand some normal hotel decoration process matters. Let the editor introduce to you the relevant content of Hefei hotel decoration process Hefei hotel decoration precautions!

1. Determine the construction plan

Since hotel decoration is a large project, it is not easy to determine the hotel design scheme and construction project, so it is necessary to conduct in-depth communication with the decoration company to determine the output of construction drawings and main materials. In the middle of the design, it is necessary to confirm whether it is the drawings requested by the owner, so that the detailed design scheme of various items of hotel decoration and the materials and specifications of decoration materials can be known at an early stage.

2. Prepare for deployment

First of all, you need to choose good managers and teams to manage the site, and the responsibilities of the personnel must be clear. Secondly, there are enough decoration workers, including carpenters, painters, bricklayers, electricians, plumbers, wallpaper workers, handymen and security personnel, which need to be as complete as possible to meet the entire hotel renovation project. In addition, good construction tools are also required. The general construction tools for hotel decoration are the responsibility of the decoration company.

3. Determine the construction sequence

Since the hotel has two different types of rooms: the housekeeping department and the public department, the supply of building materials and the entry sequence of construction workers are considered according to their characteristics. Part of the construction of the guest room department adopts layered and segmented parallel flow operations, with the purpose of shortening the overall construction period, reducing logistics, reducing labor, high quality and efficient decoration. Therefore, it is necessary for managers and foremen to unite and coordinate and keep pace. The general construction process is upper, middle and lower (that is, the ceiling is first, the wall is first, and the ground is second). And the furniture is assembled off-site.  Save with Travelodge discount code

 4. Basic decoration

The basic renovation includes the renovation of four projects including hydropower projects, carpentry, brickwork, and petroleum. The hydropower project is the main stage of the entire hotel renovation project. The water and electricity project is a hidden danger in the decoration of the whole hotel, and the owner must supervise it on site. Whether the construction personnel strictly follow the construction drawings. The second is the carpentry stage, due to the large-scale renovation of the hotel, the carpentry project should be layered and the rooms can be completed at the same time to ensure the normal completion of the project. The bricklayer and oiler stages are also the basic construction stages. After the woodwork is complete, the bricklayers can enter the grounds, followed by the stage for the painters.

5. Acceptance stage

During the renovation of the hotel, there are many places that need to be checked and accepted, including fire protection, gas pipelines, environmental protection, water and electricity and other projects. The list of unqualified projects is included in the list, submitted to the decoration company and informed that it should be revised in time Hefei hotel decoration. Generally, the inspection and acceptance work is not carried out by the owners themselves, and relevant departments will check whether they meet the relevant national standards. Owners can rest assured that the decoration companies that have the ability to decorate the hotel will not delay or perfunctory. But don’t be afraid of 10,000, just in case, the owner still tries his best to check and accept it in person. 

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