10 Free Online Study Tools Students Must Know About

The 2020 pandemic influenced a lot of changes in all industries. The sector that faced a significant backlash was education. The world came to a standstill, and the education system needed serious changes. The emergence of online education and the importance of finding the right study tools can be attributed to the 2020 pandemic.  It will help you seek assignment help in the UK or anywhere else at the right time and complete it on time.

Presently, students and teachers have accepted the online education system and have found various ways to move forward with the process.

Students have always been inclined towards the internet and have used the same to solve various problems. So, when online education came into being, students found ways to explore the same and ease their studying process. Yet, very few students understand the need to have the right tools and are unaware of many tools that can help them learn things quickly. So, here are ten free study tools that can ease the studying process.

  1. GoConqr

You must know and use this tool to ease your studying process. The tool enables the students to create mind maps, quizzes, and study planners. It will help them get through the various lessons and gain an understanding of each. It is essential to maintain a proper routine to get through all the assignments and tasks. GoConqr allows you to do so. 

  1. Quizlet

If you want to learn while playing, then Quizlet is the best platform for you. The online study tool offers quizzes, flashcards, and study sets to help students understand the subjects quickly. You need not strain your brain over the textbook materials. Instead, you can look into the various quizzes, and flashcards and make the learning process exciting. Students always complain about boring textbook lessons and do not like to study things from books. With Quizlet, you can learn lessons without getting bored. 

  1. Evernote

Taking notes during class can be too tiring. Students often face problems in finding relevant study material at the right time. Evernote has made this process easy. You can easily take notes and keep them organized with the help of this free online study tool. It automatically syncs with your cloud storage and keeps things in the right place. So, if you want to access the notes from your phone or your tablet, you can get them without any hassle. 

  1. StudyBlue

You might need some references to complete your project. Instead of struggling to find accurate data from various websites, switch to StudyBlue. The tool has many data sources from students globally. You can find the appropriate data with the help of this tool. The tool also has processes to assess you and study guides that can improve your learning. It is one of the most popular and free online study tools.

  1. Khan Academy

Do you have the urge to know more beyond traditional classroom lessons? If yes, then Khan Academy is the right place for you. The online platform allows students to learn more about a particular subject and gain more knowledge. You can learn things free of cost and find resources on complicated topics. It is a well-known platform, and you must look into it if you need any help to do make my assignment on any subject.  

  1. Hippocampus

This online platform offers help with significant subjects like math, history, and science. In addition, you can browse through various videos and content from community colleges for material on multiple topics. All you need to do is register on the portal to avail of the services. 

  1. Udemy

Udemy is a well-known brand among students across all levels. The platform offers several courses free of cost and gives you access to an archive of 150,000+ video courses. You can learn most of them without paying any money. Some courses are paid for and are relatively expensive. However, you can use the platform to learn a lot of things and race ahead of others. 

  1. Schooltraq

Very few students can manage the massive number of assignments. You need to keep everything well-organized and submit them on time. Also, the exam timetable is crucial for students. Schooltraq is an application that can help you solve such problems and keep things well organized. It is a practical application, and every student must use it. 

  1. Marinara Timer

Taking breaks in between studies is essential. But the students often fail to get back to studying after taking a break. They keep browsing on the internet and fail to concentrate on their studies. What if someone helps you keep track of the time you are investing in the break? Marinara Timer helps you with that. You can get an idea of the time you are wasting and keep track of the study hours. It is an essential part of the overall learning process, and you must use the tool for help. 

  1. Alta

Receiving a personalized learning experience from an online study tool is a dream for many students. With Alta, you can have the experience. The tool understands and answers your queries accordingly. You will get text and video instruction along with tests, and interactive assignments from the tool. You can also keep track of your progress and learn on the move. 


The overall studying experience has changed, and you need to know the correct methods to get through the various lessons. Getting study help from assignment writing websites is not new. But the evolution of the education system has made people look for more alternatives. The tools mentioned above are popular and useful. You must know all of them and use them as and when necessary. It will ease up the entire studying process and ensure that you do not miss out on any lesson. 

Author Bio

Anne Gill is a well-known assignment writing expert associated with MyAssignmenthelp.co.uk. She encourages students to use various study tools and helps them learn the correct ways of using them. Apart from this, she takes a particular interest in music and enjoys playing the grand piano whenever she is free. 

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