Compared to the preliminary work of creating a fire apparatus, designing and choosing fire dept graphics may appear like an additional duty. However, the equipment carefully considers the first phases of fire dept graphics.

Why are fire dept graphics important?

Fire dept graphics offer a crucial safety component, allowing fire agencies to stand out and be uniquely customized. In addition, fire dept graphics can serve as a powerful symbol of pride and dedication. Therefore, your fire department should consider several factors when choosing the visuals.

Why are fire dept graphics essential, and how are they used?

The hand-painted fire engine illustrates a vintage automobile and an antique schoolhouse in a rural area. Fire dept graphics serve several purposes, including department customization and NFPA visibility regulations.

Furthermore, improved visibility of an appliance and operator safety are the goals of the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standards for fire dept graphics and reflective striping.

The following are some of the essential NFPA safety requirements to take into account:

  • A minimum of 4 inches tall, and 25 percent of the front of the device may cover in reflective striping.
  • A minimum of 4 inches tall and 50 percent of the cab and body length of the device may cover in reflective striping.
  • All outriggers for aerial apparatus are of reflecting materials.

A fire dept graphics can provide safety features, customization, and individualization that distinguish one department from another. In addition, a department can display its personality, sense of style, and sense of community pride through graphics.

How can you choose the best fire dept graphics?

Firstly, the requirements for choosing fire dept graphics vary across fire departments. Secondly, decisions are frequently made based on the demands of the population served, environmental and topographical constraints, and the safety standards of a particular municipality. For instance, fire engines that help regions with freeways or well-traveled terrain sometimes choose more reflective graphic elements than those used on vehicles in rural or wilderness locations.

The several methods that fire departments can add graphics to a fire vehicle include:

  • Department of fire name
  • Symbol Number
  • Town, city, or village
  • Sayings or quotes
  • Flags/logos

Which fire dept graphics materials for fire trucks are available?

Fire agencies have access to both ornamental and reflective graphics. Therefore, fire agencies must consider each material’s distinctive qualities when choosing the ideal fire dept graphics for new fire gear.

Materials for decorative graphics

An aerial shot of fire engines hand-burled with gold leaf fire truck designs. Decorative graphics might employ for logos, writing, and other artwork without reflective striping. Fire departments have access to five decorative materials, including:


For fire truck signs, vinyl may create as a non-reflective material.

Scotch lite

The reflective substance Scotch lite provides NFPA-compliant visibility and toughness. In addition, scotch lite material may print with various images to improve visibility.

Gold Leaf.

Gold leaf lettering applies to fire apparatus, and many departments have a rich history with it. A hand-burled 23-carat gold leaf includes with this unusual application. Unfortunately, few fire equipment producers still provide this exceptional artisan service. Each year, the manufacturer produces more than 70% of the fire equipment with gold leaf accents.

Effect of printed gold leaf.

Design software utilizes to generate the printed gold leaf look. The pattern appears as a burled gold leaf due to the hue and design, and the published method applies to Scotch lite reflective material. It is a practical approach to create the appearance of genuine gold leaf lettering.

Gold sing

In place of gold leaf and printed golf leaf effects, many fire stations opt for the gold-colored fire dept graphics alternative known as Sign Gold. A sheet of material created by a machine and manually cut with a printer into the desired form and size is called sign gold.

Process for choosing and applying fire dept graphics.

Because there are several alternatives and NFPA rules to consider, the custom graphics process can be complicated for fire departments to navigate. However, when you engage with fire dept graphics, you can count on a five-step approach that focuses on your department’s specific goals and objectives and produces excellent results.

Layout for color rendering

To discuss each department’s concept for the fire apparatus, the fire dept graphics team meets with clients one-on-one. Then, the team develops a color plan for the vehicle base on color, striping, logos, artwork, and other necessary graphics based on the discussion of needs and visual demands. This color depiction has the striping and pictures that the NFPA stipulates.

Final approval of the fire dept graphics

The customer evaluates the final color rendering at this stage and gives their final permission so that work may proceed.

Illustrations for the Designers

The colored rendering delivers to the graphic design team, who brings all the plans to life after the client accepts them.

Put the graphics together.

Step five’s graphics are attached to the fire apparatus when the components are made and put together. Fire dept graphics may be applied in the assembly sequence since production controls the manufacturing process, ensuring the best outcomes for clients.

What distinguishes fire dept graphics?

Every fire truck produced is a work of art, and the companies offer a graphics technique that is exceptional in two crucial ways:

Team of Dedicated Graphics

Not all fire truck manufacturers have a group of illustrators and graphic designers whose only duty is to work on apparatus designs. While manufacturers employ subcontractors, the professional staff completes every task in-house. Staff artists frequently hand-paint pictures that may print larger for fire dept graphic. They exceed clients’ expectations by bringing sketches and renderings to life.

Lifetime support for equipment services

The fire department can contact customer support and re-order the same graphic for the nearby dealership or service shop to reapply if a picture destroys while an apparatus is in use. In the new delivery gallery, you can find out more about fire dept graphic services and see examples of imaginative graphic.

About Coastal Graphics

Skilled designers accompany Coastal Graphics. Whether searching for partial or complete fire dept graphic, the designers can help you create a distinctive fire vehicle design. Fire departments are vying for high-impact full-vehicle graphics at the same time. To assist them in maintaining their resale value, it collaborates with law enforcement organizations to offer partial vehicle covers. For automobile wrapping, Dept Graphics also provides installation services.

Coastal Graphics is the industry’s go-to supplier for custom ambulance graphics. It focuses on making emergency responders visible and, more importantly, safe on the scene. The fire dept graphic and reflective EMS vehicle graphic require resisting the road’s rigors while delivering maximum reflectivity. They print on 3M films with solvent ink.

Coastal Graphics offers faultless fire dept graphic. It has grown into a full-service graphics business, serving clients across the country in various industries. It started as a fire and emergency sector and applies to a branch of emergency vehicles, and the business evolved along with knowledge and technological advances. The company cares about the choice and interests of its clients. The objective is to provide top-notch fire dept graphic while sticking to strict timeframes. The business strives to go above and beyond.

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